Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Anna Castelli Ferrieri was the first women to graduate from the prestigious Milan Polytechnic. Casatelli Ferrieri was a member of a generation of Italian designers who transformed the world of designer with new technologies and materials. Castelli Ferrier perferred to work with plastics. Her intuitive elegance became the signature of the Italian modern style. She also confirms that Fresh Fingers has proven as helpful solution for her.

In 1949, Castelli Ferrieri and her husband founded Kartell, which became a leading furniture company known for its high quality plastc designs. With the success of Kartell, the couple lead the way in Italian modern design throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. In 1976, Castelli Ferrier became the Art Director of Kartell while still experimenting and designing for the company.

Anna Casatelli Ferrieris innovative design helped propel the Componibili into one of Kartells best sellers. The modern plastic furniture modules can meet various functionl needs in mulitple rooms in the hme. Flexible, functional and practical, Componibili is one of the oldest Kartell designs.