I Don’t Understand What People Get From Defaming Legit Ones?


Trading has been my passion!

I have begun trading ever since it was in its nascent stages and I knew from instinct that this was the revolution that was waiting to happen.

With my economic beliefs leaned more on the fact that I believe every human being has a right to follow his subsistence, I have never really strained to recommend people about trading online. But on my own part and for my own satisfaction, I began a blog to jot down all the little things that I came across in my journey.

It has become very popular and I am happy!

But I have always said it on my blog and also reiterated that whenever I had a chance that over the decade that what I wrote was a positive and a real account of ever software that I have either beta tested on request or have used it for personal trading.  There is not even an iota of doubt that those pictures on the blog and the explanatory texts are anything but the truth!

But what do we see nowadays?

It breaks my heart to see the number of people who have become nonchalantly blatant in their criticisms of legit software as much as breaks my heart to see that they advocate the worst known frauds!

What is this world coming to?

There is something wrong here and terribly wrong. These men and women who are criticising legit ones like crypto code are not even existing! What? Yes, you heard that right. These negative testimonials that you hear and read over the internet are actually done through fake ids.

It only means one thing and that is these fake Facebook and google ids are created only to defame legit ones and glorify the frauds. I cannot believe people do this and much worse that they also charge for it.

A few days ago, a follower sent me a link to some microblogging sites like fever et al where openly men and women are canvassing for gigs relating to doctoring false (positive and negative) testimonials. So, there you are. It is open and out!

Don’t fall into this trap!

This is an appeal. Don’t ever walk into this trap. Read if you must and use your discretion to determine if the software is a legit or not but do not ever read doctored testimonials. My latest blog is up. Read more about crypto code there!