Five terrifying facts about makeup from China

In the recent years, the Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with makeup from China. Many women get carried away thinking that for the small amount of money they can but original makeup products. Some of them are aware that such products are fake, while others believe they are genuine. But, let’s be real, you just can buy Anastasia Beverly Hills for a couple of dollars when cheapest products cost around $40. If you ever thought of buying fake Chinese makeup, here are the reason why you shouldn’t do it.

They are full of lead

According to some research, counterfeit makeup has 19 times more lead in them, then allowed. If you are exposed to such products over a longer period, you may experience lead poisoning. Over the time, this element will build up in your body, which can cause serious health consequences. Pregnant women may have a miscarriage, or premature birth if they are exposed to too much lead.

Allergic reactions are not rare

These types of sellers invest in design; they want it to look as similar as they can to an original product. This means they don’t pay too much attention to the ingredients they put inside. Women with sensitive skin may experience a severe allergic reaction to such makeup. These are not educated people, but individuals whose goal is only to make money. In this case, you got what you paid for, and some of these products make even leave a permanent scaring on your face.


Makeup from China is usually made by people who don’t have knowledge about these products and under less sanitary conditions, which means they are full of bacteria. You just need to look at some pictures that are circulating the web and see where this makeup is made. They use abandoned and dirty warehouses and rooms full of filth and bacteria. Do you really want to put that on your face?

They contain arsenic

In some of the fake makeup, scientists have found the traces of arsenic, which is a very toxic element. It can cause abdominal pains, shocks and even death.

Urine and feces

Even the FBI warns about the danger of fake makeup because urine and feces have been found in them. In some phony perfumes and colognes contained human pee, while makeup had rats poop. When we look at the severity of a situation, many women use fake makeup, without even knowing this.  Apart from this, Chinese even fake dietary supplements, such as Chocolate Slim.

$450.00 — $750.00

$360.00 — $650.00


Ferruccio Laviani

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