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Hair tips – how to make it fresh longer

We all want our hair to look fabulous and smelling on shampoo for a longer time. Especially if you have a long hair, it must be excruciating washing it every day. This is a problem most women face at some point in their life. If you are an oily skin type, it will be hard to maintain your hair clean for more than two days. Many women think that solution is washing it every day, but you are deadly wrong. It will only lead you to have a thin and lifeless hair. So, let’s go through our ultimate guide, which will help you keep your hair fresh and shiny.

Try dry shampoo

This is a very popular method many women use, and it can be a very handy solution if you don’t have time to visit a hairdresser. It won’t provide you the neat, clean feeling, but it will prolong the washing for one day. Make sure to use the proper amount. Otherwise, your hair will look powdery.

Deep cleaning treatment

Over the time, products we use, build up on our scalp, making our glands to produce extra sebum. With such condition, it will be hard to maintain clean hair for a longer period. There are many products you can buy for this purpose, and they act as a mask. In this case, search for products which contain clay because the clay will soak up the excess of sebum and it will clean your scalp. You should perform this treatment once a week for 20 minutes.

Be careful with conditioner

The conditioner will make your hair look silky and smooth, but if you use it too much, it will also create a layer of grease. If you can, try to avoid it, or use it once a week and put it only on the ends. Instead of them, buy shampoos which already contain conditioners, it will be much better solution. We all know they smell really nice, but if you want to have a clean hair, go easy on them.

Use some homemade treatments

Harsh chemicals which hair products contain can often damage your hair and make it lifeless. If you want to have a well-kept and maintained hair, you should make your own treatments. Use egg yolks, olive oil, coconut oil, or argan oil to feed your hair from roots. When you put oils, you can keep them over the night and then wash them in the morning. The oils will give your hair much needed attention and strength, and you will avoid using too aggressive products. Chocolate Slim is also a great way to reduce the level of fat and oils in your body.

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Bubble Club


Philippe Starck

A veritable icon made by Kartell, the mass-tinted polypropylene Bubble Club sofa was a pioneer of a new concept in furniture accessories: the industrial sofa was made entirely of plastic. Technology and research made it possible for Kartell to mass produce what was traditionally handmade. Bubble Club is a roomy two-seater sofa, characterized by the soft line of its armrests, in contrast with the more rational lines of the backrest. This is a minimalist silhouette, reminiscent of the lines of grannys sofa. Along with the armchair and the small table, produced with the same finish and colors, Bubble Club is now a complete family, nothing less than an industrial living-room. Thanks to their exceptional weather resistance, all three members of the Bubble Club family can survive perfectly outdoors and are ideal for furnishing gardens, pool sides and patios.

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  •   60/Zinc White
  •   61/Light Grey
  •   62/Light Yellow
  •   63/Light Green
  •   64/Terracotta
  •   09/Black

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Smooth batch-dyed polyethylene
Arm Chair: 41 width, 31 1/2 height, 30 1/3 depth Two-Seater: 77 width, 31 1/2 height, 30 1/3 depth Side Table: 20 width, 16 1/5 height, 20 depth