Charles Ghost

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Charles Ghost

Its shape conjures up stools of the 1800s. The shape of its legs is rounded and slightly upturned, characteristic of classic high stools. Charles Ghost is constructed from a single block of transparent polycarbonate, which makes it indestructible. It is available in three different heights. It is suitable for exterior as well as interior spaces. A wide range of transparent and opaque colors allows for the creation of intriguing color combinations.

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  •   B4/Crystal
  •   E3/Orange
  •   P1/Rose
  •   P2/Light Blue
  •   P8/Green
  •   P9/Smoke Grey
  •   E5/Glossy White
  •   E6/Glossy White
  •   E7/ Kartell Red

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
Seat diameter: 11 2/5″