The table lamp typical of the seventies given new form and colour.

The Cindy lamp with a conical lampshade and rounded teardrop base comes in a broad range of all matte metallic tones: platinum, dark gold, mint green, orange, blue, pink, gun metal and violet. Cindy’s special feature is its shiny chrome-like finish that gives it just that twist of the contemporary, that touch of richness, radiating a multitude of iridescent reflections.

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  •   M5/Blue
  •   M8/Violet
  •   M6/Fuchsia Pink
  •   M4/Orange
  •   M2/Dark Gold
  •   M7/Gun Metal
  •   M1/Platinum

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Metallic ABS
16 1/2″ H x 9 2/7″ diameter