The most embarrassing beauty questions you were afraid to ask

We all have imperfections we shouldn’t be ashamed of. Unfraternally, many women spend too much time on thinking instead of dealing with the problem. In this article, we are going to discuss some of those questions and try to come up with the answers.

Am I too young to go gray?

Gray hair can be an early sign of thyroid of pigment disorder. If the half of your hair is gray before you are 30, then you are permanently losing the color. But, you shouldn’t be worried, maybe your problem is connected to genetics, as you parent when is the first time they noticed a gray hair on them. Nowadays, many products can help you with this problem. Grey hair doesn’t mean you are aging more rapidly than usual.

Do I have pimples on my bottom?

This is an average condition every woman has, also known as keratosis pilaris and not pimples. They are completely harmless, and these small red bumps can appear on your back, upper arms, cheeks, and thighs. Depending on your age, they can last for several years, but they tend to disappear by the age of 30. Until then, you can use different moisturizers and apply them during the day.

I have stretch marks, how to get rid of them?

Various conditions cause stretch marks to appear, for instance, pregnancy, weight gain or sudden growth during the teen years. Your skin breaks and you develop lines that might not be so appealing. Dermatologists consider them some type of scars, and in the beginning, they are usually red, but their color tends to fade over the time. Stretch marks appear on belly, thighs and sometimes on breasts. Laser surgery and chemical peels can remove them. Unfortunately, creams and lotions won’t help you too much.

Why are my teeth yellow?

There are many reasons for this condition, coffee, diet, smoking or just that’s the natural color of your teeth. In this case, you can use many DYI remedies to fix this condition or purchase the whitening toothpaste. If you want better results, then think about laser whitening.

Am I too fat and how to fix this?

Obesity can seriously affect your self – esteem. First, you need to determine the cause, maybe you have tried different types of diets, but they weren’t too promising. For excessive weight, we recommend the usage of natural supplements, such as Eco Slim.

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Philippe Starck

Attila, Napoleon and Saint-Esprit are three table-stools, three charismatic personalities of striking originality and anti-conformism. Stools and tables which are cute and humorous but with one eye on functionality, thought up to furnish every setting imaginable. The gnome hats, in fact, are flat and circular so that they may be used as a stand or stool.

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  •   09/black
  •   95/gold

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Batch-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer
15 4/5 diameter, 17 1/3 height