Lou Lou Ghost

Learn to distinguish BB, CC, and DD creams

In the recent years, these types of creams have become extremely popular, and you can find them in almost any drugstore or major retail shop. They have the ability to replace the foundation, but many women are confused about their purpose and which one to use.

BB cream

Coming from the Asian countries, BB creams have flooded the U.S market. Basically, they provide a mild coverage and even the color of your skin, most of them have an SPF and anti – oxidants, depending on which brand you choose. Considering their consistency, BB creams are lighter than foundation, but they will moisturize your skin more. If you have some major imperfections on the skin, the BB cream won’t be able to cover them. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use this type of cream as a protection from the sun. Due to ist thickness, women tend to use it less on their face, and they won’t provide you adequate protection. But, they are an excellent way to add some color to your face considering they come with a pigment and have several shades.

CC cream

The difference between BB and CC cream is significant, considering that CC cream stands for color correcting. It will fix problems with redness and sallowness, while BB creams act as a light foundation. CC cream doesn’t provide you any coverage, but it will tend to decrease the imperfections on your skin. It has a light and fluffy finish on you face. Considering that BB and CC creams stand for different products and they are, many manufacturers have lost that difference. Now we have many CC creams which act in the same way as BB cream. So, if you are planning to use CC cream, make sure to read an online review about that brand and see how it behaves on the skin.

DD cream

The full name of these types of creams is Dynamic Do – All and they combine BB and CC creams, plus they provide you antiaging benefits, reduce lines and smooth your skin. If you want one cream which has all, then DD cream is the right option for you, and you can choose between many brands on the market. Usually, DD cream costs around $30. On the other hand, if you have problems with your skin, maybe you should determine the cause before you buy some products. Stress, obesity, genetics, diet may have various effects on your skin. If you are looking for ways to reduce body weight, maybe you should use Chocolate Slim.


Lou Lou Ghost


Philippe Starck

Following the runaway success of Louis Ghost, weve created a baby version of the famous Starck chair. Lou Lou Ghost inherits its paternal classic lines, material, indestructability and ergonomics and teaches little ones how to use a pint-sized chair with a grown-up shape.

Made just for children, this chair is available in a rainbow of fun and delightful colours. It can be customised with other themes at the specific request of the customer for a minimum order of 10 pieces.

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  •   B4/Crystal
  •   Y1/Yellow
  •   Y2/Pink
  •   Y3/Violet
  •   Y5/Light Blue
  •   E5/Glossy White
  •   E6/Glossy Black

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
15 3/4 W x 24 4/5 H x 14 4/7 D