Maui Chair

Four reasons to buy Korean beauty products

The world has become obsessed with Korean beauty products, and there is a reason for that. South Korea invest a lot of money and skin care and makeup industry because they want to decrease the number of plastic surgeries happening every day. The have decided to expand their products in the global market, and now you can order many of them online, with the free shipping, and they will provide you excellent results. You probably have noticed how Asian people look young and how their skin looks flawless, well that’s because of the products they use.

Korean products are better and more advanced than Western

BB creams, cushion foundation, peel off masks and Hair Megaspay first appeared in Korea and later all western countries took over this technology and start selling it. Korea is investing a lot of money in packaging and formulation of the products, and it shouldn’t surprise us why they are so popular. They will provide you better visual appeal and innovative products, which go 12 years into the future. Try their products, to give your skin royally treatment and stop aging.

Their formulation is gentle

What’s interested about Korean beauty products is that they have a rich cultural heritage which is past down from generation to generation. They based their products on natural ingredients and avoided the usage of harsh chemicals. Their skin care program is so advanced, and with the use of natural ingredients, it will help your skin recover faster.

They only use best ingredients

Considering the Korean culture, they always aim to achieve the best results. The same goes with beauty products; they pay considerable attention to what they are putting on their face because they want the maximum performance. The most used ingredients are volcanic clay, green tea, snail extract, fermented yeast, and honey. Considering snail extract, many women are repulsed by this, but they contain many beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

They are cheap

For $100 you can buy a full package or products which can last you for several months. Instead of spending money on expensive brands here in U.S. you can order Korean products and most of them will have a better effect on your skin and body. Don’t be worried about the price because when the Korean products are in order, the price doesn’t match the quality; the quality is way better.

from $500.00

Maui Chair


Vico Magistretti

Its elegant lines, agreeable colors and practicality make Maui an extremely versatile chair. The polypropylene seat is attached to a chromed steel structure. The Maui chair can be stacked up to seven or five high. It can also be coupled with other chairs of the same type in endless rows by means of a simple rear hook.

Available with or without armrests. The family of Maui chairs is complete with the addition of the self-extinguishing version. Frequently requested for businesses, this item is finally able to satisfy the highest demands.

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  •   1M/anthracite
  •   2M/zinc white
  •   3M/navy blue
  •   4M/scarlet red
  •   5M/pale grey
  •   6M/pale yellow
  •   7M/pale green
  •   8M/pale blue
  •   VV/green
  •   AA/orange
  •   FF/fucsia

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Shell/arms: smooth batch-dyed polypropylene; Frame: chrome-plated steel; Table: laminated stratified H.P.L.
Chair: 55 W x 77 H x 52 D x 45 Seat Height Armchair: 24 W x 30 3/8 H x 17 3/4 D x 17 3/4 SH x 26 Arms Height