The life changing makeup trick you should know

When we apply makeup, we want it to look flawless. Unfortunately, not many of us are a skill in this. You can watch many YouTube tutorials and read a blog, but when it comes to practice, we often make mistakes which cost us our look. But, there are still some small tricks which can help your appearance and make you look like you stepped out of a salon.


One of the first rules you should learn is never to put a concealer on your eyelids. There is a reason why eyeshadow base exists. Concealer will cause your eye makeup to crease. Nowadays, many women use it to highlight certain parts of their face, under eye area, chin and forehead, which is okay, as long as you guess the correct shade.


If you want to achieve a sheer coverage, use your fingers to tap it into your skin. On the other hand, if you want to have a more natural look, apply foundation with a beauty blender. Don’t choose a foundation that is two shades darker from your skin because your makeup will look muddy and patchy.


Translucent powders have become really popular in the last years. If you have problems with oily skin, apply powder only on T-zone, because too much of this product will make your makeup look cakey. Avoid using powders with shimmer if you want to achieve a mat finish.


Many women don’t have control when the bronzer is in order, they apply it too much, and your face gets two big dark spots. Bronzer should be used for a particular purpose, and that is to even your neck and chest with a face. You can also use it to add some color to your face, but if you aren’t skilled with countering, avoid using bronzer for this purpose.


When you are applying blush, you should smile to guess the right spot. Use lighter shades for paler complexion and darker shades for the olive skin tone. If you have oily skin, avoid using blush with a shimmer.

Eyebrow gel or pencil

Although Instagram eyebrows are very attractive, they are not for everyone and every situation. Eyebrows complete your face and if you go wrong with them, you face can look like a disaster. First of all, spray your brush with a Hair MegaSpray to comb them and to put them in place. Use gel or pencil to fill out the eyebrows, but keep in mind to follow the natural line.




Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

The Bouroullec brothers, two designers with a highly iconic, sophisticated and conceptual style, have designed the transparent polycarbonate Papyrus chair for Kartell. An admirable marriage of simplicity and refinement, grace and memory, Papyrus is a remake of the archetypal antique rush chair, from a time when chair structures were decisive and strong. This chair combines a translucent support with a slender vertical pebbling, running along the entire outside of the rounded backrest, with its soft and snug lines. The seat is comfortable and welcoming, and the entire structure is light.

Papyrus wide range of brand-new old-fashioned colors make the play of the worked surfaces even more evident and attractive. Perfect for public and residential establishments.

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  •   B4/Crystal
  •   Z1/Orange Red
  •   Z2/Rust
  •   Z3/Olive Green
  •   Z5/Smoke Brown

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
23 5/8 W x 31 1/9 H x 19 2/7 D