There is such great truth in the adage “never say never.”!


What is worse than landing up homeless?

Not trying at all!

Let me begin by giving you my own instance where I felt my world was coming down on me. I was neck deep in trouble because I had only recently mortgaged my own house and bought a loan for a car when the terrible recession of the millennium happened.

It took a toll on me:

I lost my job over the fortnight and any communication to the company was not welcome. I don’t blame them either. The industry that I was working in was in shards. There were sad stories everywhere. People were losing jobs like no one’s business and to top it all it came so all of a sudden that no one was even prepared.

The economy crashed and so did all our dreams:

After years of staying in a rented apartment, we were only getting used to not having to pay monthly rent and it felt such a relief because even before we knew it, the fifth h of the next month would be staring into our face!

The peace was short-lived:

Non-payment of mortgage payment would have meant vacating the house and the company taking over the possession. I don’t know if you would know what the feeling of everything suddenly collapsing is. It is too much pressure you bet!

With nothing else to do, I began to trade online on software called BTC Profit. I only knew what trading was but had never before traded. I banked on its automated trading robot in the hope that at least I make enough for our daily subsistence.

Those were the days when scams were being exposed:

Don’t know why but I never felt insecure about this software. I never had even an iota of doubt that this is not legit software. At the end of two years, I was still making consistently enough to be able to live day to day.

Thankfully, by then I had procured a job. I still continue trading and I am always grateful that I never had to see days when my children and I were on the streets.