Best 1157 LED Bulbs

Best 1157 LED Bulbs

Do you want to upgrade the headlight or tail light bulbs of your vehicle? Or a brighter brake light, running light for safe driving? If yes, then the best 1157 LED bulbs are a good option for you.

Nowadays, LED bulbs are a more common upgrade in driving lines. Because LEDs throw a much more focused and directional light. And upgrading your tail light bulbs with LED will make a significant difference in your driving experience.

1157 LED bulbs are brighter light to increase the visibility of your brake lights, reverse lights, and rear turn signals. The brightest 1157 LED bulb will make it safer for those who drive behind a vehicle and help decrease the possibility of getting rear-ended.

And in this article, we will suggest to you some of the 1157 LED bulbs so you can choose the right option for your vehicle.

Difference Between 1157 And 2057 Bulb

1157 LED Bulb

1157 are compatible bulbs but slightly brighter than the 2057 bulbs. This bulb has a brass body and can be used in stop and turn lights. It contains two filaments and is most commonly used in turn signals. An 1157 tail light bulb has three candle power for running lights and 32 candle power for the brake.

2057 LED Bulb

2057 has a stainless body and a longer life. It is not quite as bright. It has two candle power for running lights and 32 candle power for the brake. It also contains two filaments and a proprietary gas mixture that results in much longer life.


1157 and 2057 bulbs are quite similar. Both bulbs appear compatible and, the locking prongs are in the same place on both sides. But the main distinction between 1157 and 2057 LED bulbs is that the 2057 bulb attracts about 30% less power when using the running lights.

Also, the 2057 LED bulbs running light elements are 2 watts lower than 1157 LED bulbs. Moreover, the 2057 bulb shows higher contrast to the signal and brake element.

Difference Between 1157 And 2357 Bulb

1157 LED Bulb

1157 LED bulbs provide 32 candle power on the high filament. And the filament is rated at 2.10 amperage for 1157 bulbs. The 1157 dual filament LED bulb has a long life expectancy than other bulbs. It is ideal for park and turn lights.

2357 LED Bulb

2357 LED bulbs have high filament rated with 2.23 amperage. It provides 40 candle power on the high filament instead of 32. And the high filament of 2357 bulbs causes shorter life expectancy. It is an ideal bulb for running and reverse light.


The main difference between 1157 and 2357 LED bulb is their life expectancy and lumens. The life expectancy of 2357 bulbs is shorter than 1157 bulbs. Also, the 2357 LED bulbs are 25% brighter than the 1157 bulbs. Otherwise, voltage is the same between the two bulbs, as is the amperage in the low filament.

Things To Consider Before Buying 1157 LED Bulbs

1157 LED bulbs last longer than other incandescent bulbs, and they put out brighter light using significantly less energy. For that, LED bulbs are mostly used in vehicles for safety drives.

In this segment, we will tell you the basic things that you should consider before buying the best brake automotive tail light bulbs for your vehicle.

Lumens And Watts

Before buying a LED bulb, the first thing to check is the lumens and watts. Lumen is the measurement of brightness, and wattage is how much energy a bulb draws. So, choose the correct lumen and watt while buying 1157 LED for the vehicle.

Right Color

LED lights come in a range of colors. They are capable of displaying an impressive color range from red to white or yellow. So, you have to choose which color you want for your brake, parking, reverse, and other lights.


Brightness is the most important thing about a LED bulb while you are using it on your vehicle. For safety drives, brighter LEDs are essential for turn signals, reverse, brake, backup lights. Always try to choose super bright and focused light LEDs for vehicles.

Efficiency Of Bulb

1157 LED bulbs are durable and efficient. In comparison to incandescent lights, LED lights last longer. Also, they use only 2 to 10 watts of electricity which is energy saving. So before buying LEDs, check the efficiency properly.

Lifespan Of A Bulb

Life span is the most important factor if you are planning to buy LED bulbs. To ensure that it lasts longer, always try to buy the LED bulbs with a warranty. It will help you to get a replacement if the bulb gets damaged.

These are the main factors that you should keep in mind before buying an 1157 LED bulb. Hope this segment helps you to choose the right LED light for your vehicle.

Best 1157 LED Bulbs Review

Now that LED lighting technology has gotten cheaper over recent years, manufacturers can offer an assortment of vehicle bulb replacements. And here, we have reviewed the top five 1157 LED bulbs to help you choose the right one.

1. iBrightstar 1157 LED Bulbs | Super Bright | Low Power

The first brand we have on our review list is iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs for super bright light. It comes with two sets of bulbs. If you are looking for a bright red 1157 LED bulb for your brake, tail, or running lights, iBrightstar will be a great option.

iBrightstar LED bulb has an exclusive design with full aluminum housing with a projection lens. It provides 300% brighter light than original halogen bulbs. These 1157 LED bulbs have built-in constant current IC for a longer life span and low power consumption.

If you are looking for a heat-resistant LED bulb for your vehicle, you should go for the YM E-Bright 1157 LED bulbs. It will save energy and give a super bright light.

Features To Be excited About

iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs are low-power-consuming bulbs for brake lights and running lights. It provides brilliant red light for turn signals even 300% brighter. Also, it has a projection lens for maximum light output and heat distribution.

Cons To Consider

The iBrightstar 1157 LED bulb sometimes could not provide bright light in the brake, and it can stop working at the parking light.

Key Features

  • 9v-30v working voltage
  • Easy installation
  • 300% brighter than halogen bulb
  • Low power consuming

2. AUXLIGHT 1157 LED Bulbs | Ultra Bright | Stable Design

If you want an ultra-bright LED bulb with brilliant red light for your brake or tail light, blinker light, then you should try out the top brand AUXLIGHT LED bulbs.

It is the most high-tech LED bulb with high power and a uniform beam pattern. It has a durable design and high-quality performance. AUXLIGHT 1157 LED bulbs are super bright and have projection lenses for maximum light output.

These LED bulbs can use for brake lights, tail lights, blinker lights, or parking lights. Also, it has a longer life span and low power consumption.

But if you are looking for a standard bulb with superior quality, you must go for the SYLVANIA 1157 LED bulbs that are durable.

Features To Be Excited About

AUXLIGHT 1157 LED bulbs are the most high-tech LED bulbs with extra-long working hours. It is almost the same size as a halogen bulb but provides 320% brighter light than a stock bulb. Also, it is a high-power bulb with low power consumption.

Cons To Consider

We have not found any drawbacks in the AUXLIGHT 1157 LED bulbs. It is doing good in the market to satisfy its customers.

Key Features

  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Highest quality and stable design
  • 320% brighter light
  • Longer working hours

3. iBrightstar 1157 LED Bulbs | Xenon White | High Power

When it is about a LED light we are investing our money in, we always want the excellent and branded one. And for extremely bright light, iBrightstar is one of the brands we will suggest to you.

It comes with two sets of high-power bulbs that have high brightness chips. iBrightstar bulbs are the best 1157 LED bulbs that provide 400% brighter light than the original halogen bulb. Also, it has an aircraft-grade aluminum heat sink with low temperatures.

iBrightstar super bright 1157 LED bulbs are xenon white for bright light for brake, tail, backup reverse, and parking lights. It is so easy to install and has a longer life span.

But if you want a high-tech bulb with a projection lens, then you can try out the AUXLIGHT 1157 LED bulbs to have an ultra-bright red light.

Features To Be Excited About

iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs are high-power bulbs with super bright xenon white light. Also, it provides 400% brighter light and extra-long working hours. It is easy to install bubs for vehicles.

Cons To Consider

Sometimes the iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs do not fit in the sockets of your motorbike because they are a bit large compared to the old-style bulbs.

Key Features

  • Xenon white light
  • 400% brighter light
  • Extra-long working ours
  • Easy installation

4. SYLVANIA 1157 LED Bulbs | High Quality | Durable

SYLVANIA is another significant brand you can consider buying if you want a LED bulb with super bright and intense light. It provides its customers the standard bulbs with a limited lifetime warranty.

SYLVANIA 1157 LED bulbs are superior quality LED bulbs with high lumen output to fill the reflector. It features state-of-the-art LED technology to deliver high performance and safety. It also has an instant ‘On’ feature to achieve full power instantly.

This 1157 LED bulb has high reliability with over-engineered thermal management and guarantees the exceptional performance of your vehicle. It is also ideal for daytime running lights and backup/reverse lights.

But if you are searching for a low power consuming bulb with brighter light, you should try out the iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs. Check our article on recliners for back and neck problems.

Features To Be Excited About

SYLVANIA 1157 LED bulbs have state-of-the-art technology to deliver high performance and safety to the driver. It also has a unique instant ‘on’ feature to achieve full power instantly. It is a reliable 1157 LED bulb with complete safety.

Cons To Consider

We have not found any demerits in the SYLVANIA 1157 LED bulbs. It satisfies its customers with unique features.

Key Features

  • Provide bright and intense light
  • High lumen output
  • High performance and safety
  • Instant ‘On’ feature

5. YM E-Bright 1157 LED Bulbs | Heat-Resistant | Long Lasting

If you are looking for an energy-saving LED bulb that can use commonly in vehicle interior and exterior, then YM E-Bright 1157 LED bulb is the perfect choice for you.

YM E-Bright LED bulbs are brilliant red for turn signals, brake lights, reserve lights, indicator lights, etc. Also, it is so easy to install, direct plug-in, and play. These bulbs are made with high-quality materials and have a longer life span.

The exciting part is, it has a long-lasting, up to 50000 working hours for a lifetime. This energy-saving 1157 LED bulb is not that easy to damage.

If you want xenon white light for your brake or running lights, you can go for the iBrightstar 1157 LED bulbs with 400% brighter light. Check our article on the recliners for scoliosis.

Features To Be Excited About

YM E-Bright 1157 LED bulbs are very easy to install and heat-resistant. It takes 0 seconds to start and provides a brilliant red light. This bulb gives high brightness at brake lights, reverse lights, running lights, etc. Also, it is an energy-saving bulb made with high-quality materials.

Cons To Consider

Sometimes the YM E-Bright 1157 LED bulbs do not work correctly. When you insert and lock the bulb, it might not work.

Key Features

  • Energy-saving
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • Heat-resistant

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

1. Why is an 1157 LED bulb used?

An 1157 LED bulb uses to make perfect directional and focused lighting. These bulbs offer increased longevity and solution for parking, turning, and backup lights.

2. What color should tail lights be?

There are some scientific and logical reasons that tail lights have to be red because red can detect by the human eye at a great distance than any other color.

3. Do brake and tail lights use the same bulb?

On many vehicles, the tail lights and brake lights use the same bulb. The two filaments of the bulb are one for tail light and the other for brake light.

4. What is the purpose of the best LED tail light bulbs?

The main purpose of the tail lights is to provide a safety aspect to the vehicle. They show the rear edge of the vehicle to allow other drivers to gauge the size and shape of the vehicle.

5. Can I use 1157 instead of 1156?

Yes, there is not much difference between the 1156 and 1157 LED bulbs. 1156 LED bulb is for single action like a turn signal, and 1157 LED bulb is for dual action like brake lights.

Final Word

By the end of reading this article, you may have a clear idea of 1157 LED bulbs and their details. To find the best 1157 LED bulbs, we have managed to sort out the top options along with every possible guide. May you find this article helpful regarding your purchase.

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