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Are you really tired of manually pouring gasoline into your vehicle? Are you tired of how time-consuming and unintentional the process of fuel spillage is? If you answered yes, it’s past time to invest in the greatest fuel transfer pump.

A oil transfer pump is used to transports fuel from one place to another, such as from an underground storage to a vehicle’s fuel tank. On construction sites, these devices can also be used to refuel machinery such as tractors and equipment. They work by extracting fuel from its source and transporting it to its final destination.

This buying guide will assist you in locating the best gear oil pump available.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for QUART BOTTLESSlippery Pete Fluid Pump for QUART BOTTLESCheck Price
Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles- 30cc Hand PumpSlippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles- 30cc Hand PumpCheck Price
LUMAX LX-1341 Multi-Purpose Oil Pump - VersatilityLUMAX LX-1341 Multi-Purpose Oil Pump - VersatilityCheck Price
Slippery Pete - Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles - 8cc per PumpSlippery Pete - Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles - 8cc per PumpCheck Price
QWORK 200ML/0.21Qt./7OZ Extraction Fill Pump- Syringe DesignQWORK 200ML/0.21Qt./7OZ Extraction Fill Pump- Syringe DesignCheck Price

What is a Fluid Filler Pump?

What is a Fluid Filler Pump

The pump takes gasoline from one location, such as a tank or a vehicle, and transports it to another location. They are available in two types: electric and manual. You use an electric vehicle to travel to the gas station to fill up your tank. The pump is simple to use and prevents gas from spilling over one’s person. It not only helps you do garage maintenance on your vehicle, but it also allows you to help strangers or friends who have run out of petrol while on a road trip.

How to Pump Out Transmission Fluid?

How to Pump Out Transmission Fluid

The dipstick tube is used to drain and fill the transmission fluid in most automatic transmissions. They lack built-in fill spouts or drains that allow the fluid to be drained directly from the transmission housing. Fortunately, an oil siphon kit can be purchased, which includes a short hose and a small pump for sucking the oil out of the dipstick tube.

Step-1: Remove the dipstick from the dipstick tube and leave it aside.

Step-2: Wrap the siphon kit hose around the outside of the oil dipstick tube.

Step-3: Using duct tape, tape the hose to the tube to establish a seal between the tube and the hose.

Step-4: Under the engine, near the transmission dipstick tube, place a drain pan. Place the siphoning hose’s opposite end in the drain pan.

Step-5: Suck out the transmission fluid by turning on the pump. The majority of transmissions have a capacity of two quarts of fluid.

Once the pump has stopped pumping fluid, remove the duct tape from the hose and tube. Also remove the hose from the dipstick tube and replace it with the dipstick.

Buying Guide of the Best Gear Oil Pump

Best Gear Oil Pump

As you already know, there are some really good portable fuels pump options on the market. However, such good options can lead to confusion about which one to choose and what to consider when choosing the best fluid transfer pump.

Here are essential things to consider when choosing the best fuel transfer pump for you or your business.

Pump Type

Not all fuel pumps are designed to pump all liquids, some of them won’t pump gasoline or some biodiesel, so it’s important to know which type you need to buy and which not.

Fuel Type

Different sorts of fuels require extraordinary sorts of gas pumps to transport them from one region to another. If you’re any individual who’s in all likelihood to be pumping a variety of various gas types, do not forget getting yourself a flexible pump which could take care of transferring kerosene, gas, diesel, and oil.


Some gasoline switch pumps may be established to a truck or trailer for ease of use and versatility. However, now no longer all will include their personal mounting brackets or screws. You have to recognize the burden of the pump, a good way to well mount it onto an automobile or post.

Stream Rate

You wish to know fairly how much fuel is being exchanged by the pump. This will let you know how long it’ll take to fill a tank. On the off chance that you need to be able to exchange more fuel at once, consider a more vigorous and strong fuel pump.

Top 6 Best Gear Oil Pump Reviews

1.Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for QUART BOTTLES

Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for QUART BOTTLES
 Slippery Pete has come up with a brilliant idea! Thousands of happy customers have refilled their gear oil, transmission fluid, and differential fluid with Slippery Pete’s Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles. Because of its strong and sturdy structure, it has the highest capacity to pump through chaotic conditions no matter where it is required.

It has just added two additional functions to this already fantastic little pump: – Instead of 5cc every pump stroke, 8cc is used. That means fewer pumps to empty a quart of oil – A Butterfly adaptor on the fill tube’s end acts as a third hand to keep the fill tube secure as you pump!

RED LINE OR WIDE-MOUTH QUART BOTTLES can’t adjust with this product. On the other hand, it will fit WIDE-MOUTH QUART BOTTLES. You may easily locate it by searching for Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Purchase this hand pump immediately and see for yourself how innovative it is! This pump is only compatible with regular quart bottle openings!

Most Liking Features

AGL, Toyota ATM, Amsoil, and Castrol Edge WIDE MOUTH QUART BOTTLES are also compatible with it. FIT WIDE MOUTH QUART BOTTLES with one of the four sizes of thread adapters are offered along with the pump.

Probable Drawbacks

The hose isn’t the best in terms of length or durability. Because it’s made of plastic, the housing is so cheap.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed 100 percent refund if any problem is found.
  • Pumps Per pump stroke, 1 FULL OUNCE (30cc) is passed out. In 32 strokes, it can fill a quart of water.
  • You can transform fluid into tight and tricky spots with the 24-inch FLEXIBLE CLEAR FILL TUBE. Suction tubes of various lengths for various bottle heights are available.

2. Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles- 30cc Hand Pump

Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles- 30cc Hand Pump
Are you looking for the easiest service, then stop roaming around! This Slippery Pete gasoline transfer pump is simple to operate. SEDY Lubricant Fluid Transfer Pump is made to work with 4 DIFFERENT SIZE THREADS and swiftly and efficiently move them from one gallon bottle to the next.

This outboard gear oil pump only requires a LONG and SHORT SUCTION TUBES for Tall and Short Quart Bottles and it will do the job quickly!!

It’s a small instrument that does more than just pump gas. It can also work with a 24″ long flexible tube for pumping fluids into tight and awkward places.

Besides, using a header card helps to understand instructions. This fluid pump is 100% inspected and packaged in the USA. You can apply it not only on AGL but also Toyota ATM, Amsoil and Castrol Edge.

Moreover, the most attractive part of being a 30cc hand pump is that it can complete an entire quart in 32 strokes. Surprisingly, its mechanism can’t meet the standard form of Quart Bottles. The effective reclosable poly bag storage is an additional function of it.

Most Liking Features

This fluid pump comes with 4 different length bottle cap adapters which might be interchangeable and could match numerous gallon bottles and extensive mouth zone bottles.

Probable Drawbacks

Cannot be used with suspended solid particles. The rotation of the gear is influenced by solids.

Key Features

  • In only 32 strokes, the 30cc pump will empty a whole quart!
  • Plastic butterfly wings serve as a third hand, stabilizing the pump and preventing leakage.
  • AGL, Toyota ATM, Amsoil, and Castrol Edge are compatible with it.
  • Perfect for any Gallon Bottles especially Red Line Gallon Bottles.

3. LUMAX LX-1341 Multi-Purpose Oil Pump – Versatility

LUMAX LX-1341 Multi-Purpose Oil Pump - Versatility
For those who are searching for an versatile oil pump, there is a search-ending solution for them. The product is a multi-purpose and designed for precise fluid dispensing in hard-to-reach areas of Tools, Equipment, Machinery, and Vehicles.

Additionally, Lumax is ideal for transferring light to medium viscosity oils, transmission fluid, brake fluid, non-flammable and non-corrosive fluids.

Lumax’s objective is to provide innovative and high-quality goods to professionals and customers to help them get the job done well. Another feature is the Down stroke mechanism with nozzle holder to return surplus Oils to the container.

Not only this, LX-1341 series manual fluid extractor comes with 1 Qt. (1 L) Capacity Bottle, height is 21″ (53 cm), width is 8.75 in., weight is 5.5 lb. The LX-1341 includes fluid temperature: 140° (60°C). Suction hose made of PVC steel braided, two dipstick tubes, and tube adapters. These features help this to be one of the best gear oil pumps.

Automatic overflow prevention, A quick drain pour spout, and a decompression/exhaust valve for discharging negative pressure are all features of Lumax fluid extractors. According to the company, this helps to avoid messes and reduces cleaning time. So, you don’t need to tense about cleaning problems after using it.

Most Liking Features

It is designed for precise fluid dispensing in hard-to-reach areas of tools, equipment, machinery, and automobiles. Ideal for transferring light to medium viscosity lubricants, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other non-flammable and non-corrosive fluids.

Probable Drawbacks

As it is a manual transmission pump, it works slower than other motor transmission oil pump tool and takes much time.

Key Features

  • Bottle with a volume of one quart (1L).
  • 14 oz. per stroke (4cc)
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 140°F (60 Degree Celsius)
  • 7-3/4-inch suction tube ” (20cm)
  • 12-1/2 in. overall length ” (32cm)

4. Slippery Pete – Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles – 8cc per Pump

Slippery Pete - Fluid Pump for Quart Bottles - 8cc per Pump
 Whether you are a professional or not, you always prefer a cost-friendly and more safe fluid transmission pump, right? Here is a great collection for you that works for STANDARD quart bottles.

You can’t avoid its additional benefit. The 17inch long flexible tube is used for pumping fluids into tight and awkward places. It is designed with an 8cc fluid pump for transferring automotive fluid.

Unlike other Slippery Pete products, it contains LONG AND SHORT SUCTION TUBES for tall and short quart bottles. Though it is not compatible with RED LINE QUART BOTTLES OR WIDE-MOUTH QUART BOTTLES.

As this is a plastic model, it will greatly fit and handle the tubes while pumping. This ‎11 x 6 x 1.5 inches package is 2.39 ounces in weight. The adapter is 8mm in size.

After using, you can keep it safe in a enclosable poly bag. That’s how you can store your transmission oil filling pump effectively.

Most Liking Features

Fluid pump with an 8cc motor for transferring vehicle fluids. It’s a gear oil pump, a differential fluid pump, and a transmission fluid pump all rolled into one. Connect to quart bottles that have a 28mm opening.

Probable Drawbacks

 The handbook is very poor in describing what it can be used for. It hampers consumers a lot.

Key Features

  • Suction tubes in two lengths are included for tall and short quart bottles.
  • The end of the clear fill tube is attached to the third hand adapter, which helps to secure the tube in the fill hole
  • A product which is manufactured and designed by USA
  • Electrical plugs are added here.

5. QWORK 200ML/0.21Qt./7OZ Extraction Fill Pump- Syringe Design

QWORK 200ML/0.21Qt./7OZ Extraction Fill Pump- Syringe Design
QWORK 200ML/0.21Qt./7OZ has some advanced eye-catching features. It is especially created for manual purposes. If you are fond of getting a transparent body for an oil pump then it gives you a full package within 1-month free return service guarantee. By this you ensure quality issues.

Actually, the extended syringe hose helps to draw or inject liquid easily, and this hose is detachable, easy to clean and maintain. Though it can easily be used in automotive fluids in cars, trucks, RVs, etc, and can easily remove brake fluids, antifreeze, gear oils and other liquids, still I will suggest you apply it mostly in Manual Automotive Pump and Brake Fluid Extractor.

Then you should know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Here it comes with -110-120 volts, a step-down power converter which is required for the smooth functioning.

Nevertheless, this transparent bottle body is upgraded by US operating stores and allows you to check the liquid at any time and control the flow rate. If you want to get smooth & worry-free service then this is for you.

Most Liking Features

It can readily remove brake fluids, antifreeze, gear oils, and other liquids and may be used to replenish automotive fluids in automobiles, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles.

Probable Drawbacks

It’s really troublesome to make connections as there is no handbook to introduce it .

Key Features

  • 200ML/0.21QT/7OZ capacity
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • The transparent bottle body provides clear checking of flow rates at any time.
  • An extended syringe hose makes it simple to draw or inject fluids, and it’s removable, cleanable, and maintainable.

6. SEDY Lubricant Fluid Transfer Pump for Gallon Bottles

SEDY Lubricant Fluid Transfer Pump for Gallon Bottles
At last, I am introducing you to a fluid transfer pump with a high output unit that is a compact feature of Slippery Pete and QWORK which give great performance. It can be used in your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle easily in daily life.

This uses also includes oil changes, siphon gasoline, antifreeze fluid, other liquid, shampoo, body wash, antifreeze (Glycol), biodiesel, diesel, E15 fuel, engine/motor oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, kerosene, machine oil, mineral spirits, transformer oil, transmission oil, vegetable oil, water, and other liquids.

Here a term comes with this product, that is Plunger pump. Surprisingly this can smoothly transfer fluid between containers, or from container to engine cooling system, etc. Here the plunger pump conveniently screws in and locks down for storage.

Another item is a 24″ long flexible tube for pumping fluids into tight and awkward spaces. The Two different lengths of suction tubes for different height quart bottles makes a convenient use of it.

All in all, this is the finest manual oil pump to have at such a good price. If you want high performance like with 30-Days Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee & Manufacturer’s 1-Year Warranty protection, then grab this as early as possible.

Most Liking Features

While pumping, here use the third hand adapter to keep the fill tube secure. Suction tubes in two lengths for quart bottles of various heights. Fits with quart-sized containers. 8 cc for each pump.

Probable Drawbacks

It is fit for only one gallon bottle. So, the capacity is lower than the engine wire gear lube dispenser.

Key Features

  • Ideal for removing or changing engine oils or lubricants in ATVs, Boats, Farm Equipment, Industrial Gearboxes, Motor Vehicles, Motor Bikes, RVs, and other vehicles.
  • Durable, oil and chemical-resistant polypropylene construction is ideal for use with oil, coolant, and hydraulic systems.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction Provides Stability and Durability
  • Brake and anti-freeze double seals are included, and the unit is assembled on a plunger.


Question: HOW DO I USE IT?

A: It depends on what kind of pump you have. Some are propelled by hand, while others by electricity or an engine. To be sure you’re operating it correctly, read the directions carefully and watch online videos.


A: Self-priming gasoline transfer pumps are available, while some are not. Help flow the gasoline through the device, a pump must be primed to boost the pressure.


A: If you get a high-quality brand, the item should last a long time. But if you are looking for the best fluid transfer pump, manual one then you will get at least a 1-year warranty.

Question: Is it necessary to drain the oil before replacing it?

A: The purer the oil, the better the engine protection. So, sure, it’s always advisable to remove the old oil before replacing it.


The ideal gasoline transfer pump for you is one that matches your investment. Choosing the best gear oil pump will improve the speed and efficiency of your daily or professional fuel transfer for a long period. It’s also a crucial factor in determining your job success. As a result, you should always invest in the greatest portable fuel pump you can afford.

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