Headlight Assemblies

Best Headlight Assemblies

Suppose you are driving down a narrow road in snow or in heavy rain on a muddy road, and your car’s headlights don’t working; you can already imagine the disastrous consequences, right?

Headlights are a great asset in providing safety and driving in low visibility. You will understand the necessity of headlights once you face a situation where the road ahead becomes vague and blurry.

But using only headlights won’t do the work alone. You will have to use assemblies to protect the headlights. Choosing the best headlight assemblies will help you to protect the headlights of your car and will increase the Headlight’s lifetime.

Not only that, but assemblies also enhance the bright level of the headlight, which implies that the vision will be more transparent and limpid. Moreover, you will be able to avoid accidents.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Partsam 2PCS Rectangle H6054 LED HeadlightsPartsam 2PCS Rectangle H6054 LED HeadlightsCheck Price
LX-LIGHT 7'' Round Black Cree LED HeadlightLX-LIGHT 7'' Round Black Cree LED HeadlightCheck Price
Afeax 110W 5x7 Inch Led Headlights 7x6 Led Sealed Beam HeadlampAfeax 110W 5x7 Inch Led Headlights 7x6 Led Sealed Beam HeadlampCheck Price
DNA Motoring HL-OH-CS03-4P-CH-AM Chrome Amber HeadlightsDNA Motoring HL-OH-CS03-4P-CH-AM Chrome Amber HeadlightsCheck Price
HWSTAR Headlight Assemblies, 500% Brighter Anti-glareHWSTAR Headlight Assemblies, 500% Brighter Anti-glareCheck Price

What is Headlight Assemblies?

What is Headlight Assemblies

Assemblies are also known as led headlight assembly, are arguably one of the essential parts of the vehicle.

It is basically a piece of equipment that is composed of a reflector, lens, a strong light, and other necessary parts which are usually inclined to the front of the vehicle.

The headlight assembly works as a shelter and a protector as well. In any kind of low visibility condition, the headlight assembly will work like magic.

Unlike aftermarket headlight housing, the headlight assembly usually contains turn signals and marker lights, and it is built with higher technology.

 How To Clean Headlight Lens With Vinegar

 How To Clean Headlight Lens With Vinegar

To make sure that the Headlight lights up well, you have to clean the headlight lens frequently; otherwise, the lens will be damaged.

But here’s the thing, cleaning the headlight lens is quite a risky job. You can’t overdo it. If you clean too much or too roughly, there will be scratches all over the camera lens, which is not something that you want to experience.

And vinegar is a great element to clean lenses without causing any damage. But you have to follow some simple steps. And this DIY process won’t cost you so much.

To complete the process, you need white vinegar, a spray bottle, water, a clean dusting cloth or microfiber cloth, and nothing else. Sounds very convenient, right?

However, first, you have to clean the dust or other remaining dirt on the Headlight. You can do this with the help of a clean dusting cloth.

Now, you have to mix water with the white vinegar. The portion should be 3:1, which means 3 cups of water with one cup of vinegar. You have to mix it properly.

Pouring the mixture of water and vinegar into a spray bottle is the next step. And now, you have to spray it on the headlight lens.

Let the mixture be there on the headlight lens for 5 to 6 minutes and after that, wipe it using a microfiber cloth. And that’s it. You are done.

 How to Replace a Headlight Assembly

 How to Replace a Headlight Assembly

Replacing the headlight assembly may seem hard to some people, whereas in reality, it is quite an easy job to do.

You just have to follow some easy and simple steps. You can do it with minimum effort and without spending huge money.

Before going on the replacing process, a pro tip for you is to wear a safety glass to be on the safe side before starting the process.

The very first thing that you have to do is to open the hood of the vehicle to locate the Headlight. After locating the Headlight, you have to disconnect the electrical connector, which is located on the back of the headlight assembly.

Now you have to find the headlight mounting screws. Once you find them, you have to remove them to separate the headlight assembly from the Headlight.

After that, remove the Headlight from the header panel to install the new Headlight on the header panel. Replace the damaged hardware if needed.

And, now reconnect the electric connectors and reinstall the other components, and you are done with replacing the headlight assembly.

Buying Guide: Best Headlight Assemblies

Best Headlight Assemblies

You’ll see a lot of headlamp assemblies available in the market. But you surely do not need all of them. Choosing the ideal amazon headlights for cars becomes tough among all these assemblies.

But worry not because we are here to have your back. You have to consider some essential facts to get the best right headlight assemblies. Hence, here we have shared some facts that will help you get your preferred one. 


Features are very important to check before buying any amazon headlights led. The top-notch quality of the headlamp contain multiple output features like beam pattern, sealed beam, shield, boasts reflectors, etc. It’d be wise if you check whether the headlight assembly that you are buying includes these multifunctional features or not. If it includes features like these, then you are good to go because all these features make the headlight assembly versatile, long-lasting, and help to provide better performance.


Lumens basically are the determination of the brightness of the headlight. The quantity of lumens determines how bright the headlamp will be. If the black headlight assembly includes high lumens, then the headlight will surely be brighter, which will be great for you as you can navigate and drive in the dark path quite easily. So, check the level of the lumens before buying.


As we always say, materials play a very big role. Material can affect the performance of the headlight assembly. If the materials used in making the headlight assembly are cheap, deficient, and substandard, then you will not get the expected performance, and your money will be wasted. Poor material can damage the Headlight easily, make it blurry and vague, and ultimately can cause major inconveniences. So, to avoid all such unwanted situations, make sure to check the materials.


As we always say, quality matters. You must check the quality of the headlight assembly before you buy it.

If the quality of the headlight assembly is not up to the mark, then the durability and sturdiness will not be that strong. You will ultimately regret buying the headlight assembly because it will not give you satisfactory performance.

On the other hand, if you pick a headlight assembly that ensures great quality, then you will get your expected performance from the headlight assembly. It will work smoothly without causing any major inconveniences. So, choose wisely.

Best Headlight Assemblies Reviews

Here, we will be talking about 6 amazon headlights led, which will make it easy for you to go with your preferred one.

1. Partsam 2PCS Rectangle H6054 LED Headlights

Partsam 2PCS Rectangle H6054 LED Headlights
Is this the first time that you are buying headlamp assemblies? If yes, then I can assure you that this is the ideal one for you.

As this is a very basic, simple yet elegant headlight assembly, first-time users can easily use this one without facing any sort of difficulties.

This Headlight includes light SUV, sedan, and PMMA lenses, and all of these will provide you with the brightest light and which will ultimately let you enjoy great visibility.

Also, for nighttime driving, this headlight assembly will be great as there will be no flickering, and the bright light will be great for your night driving.

The durable aluminum shell body makes this headlight assembly more sturdy and strong. And because of this high-quality material, I would recommend you to go with this one instead of the one from Auto Dynasty.

Features To Be Excited About

The feature that I like the most of this headlight assembly is the presence of both the low beam and high beam in the light. This ensures safety.

Cons To Consider

There’s no option to lower the brightness, which I think maybe annoying to some people.

Key Features

  • Very convenient to use, even for beginners
  • Provides high-resolution light
  • Ensures great visibility
  • Works great

2. LX-LIGHT 7” Round Black Cree LED Headlight

LX-LIGHT 7'' Round Black Cree LED Headlight
Normally, it is quite a tricky and sometimes costly job setting up the headlight assembly as you may have to buy an extra decoder for the perfect finishing.

But not with this one. Fortunately, this headlight assembly doesn’t require any extra decoder as all the things have been built-in with the assembly.

So, if you intend to go with a headlight assembly that requires no nerve-wracking setting process, I would highly suggest you do this one over the headlight assembly from DNA MOTORING.

Moreover, this anti-flickering headlight assembly has been made with cree chips, which are known as great semiconductors for power and radio frequency applications. So, you will face no inconveniences of power applications if you go with this one.

This headlight assembly consists of DOT compliance which implies that you will get maximum flexibility along with safety and efficiency.

Features To Be Excited About

The best part of this headlight assembly is that it maintains the federal safety standards, so there’s no fear of safety issues. In addition, it is maintenance-free.

Cons To Consider

It doesn’t come with an H4 female adapter. Hence, you may need to spend some money to buy that.

Key Features

  • Has an anti-flicker hardness
  • No complicated steps to follow while installing.
  • Features Water-proof IP67
  • No extra decoder is needed

3. Afeax 110W 5×7 Inch Led Headlights 7×6 Led Sealed Beam Headlamp

Afeax 110W 5x7 Inch Led Headlights 7x6 Led Sealed Beam Headlamp
Do you want a headlight assembly that provides adequate brightness and also comes almost as ready to install? If you want such a headlight assembly, then Afeax’s this one would be the ideal one to go with.

The reason why I think that this headlight assembly is the best headlight assemblies among others is that this headlight assembly has been built with advanced Osram chips.

The brightness of this headlight assembly will not fade away after some years; rather, it will be brand-new even after so many years because of its higher technology.

This headlight assembly contains a heat dissipation design for which this headlight assembly will be able to withstand extreme heat.

All the features are very good, and almost all the equipment comes semi built-in, which will save you time.

This headlight assembly is a great value and will provide you with great nighttime illumination. So, it a good to go option.

Features To Be Excited About

The feature that we find interesting is that this headlight assembly comes with two headlights, and the cutoff of this headlight assembly is so good that it won’t be annoying to the other drivers.

Cons To Consider

You may need to buy an additional relay kit if you own cars from the old japan brand.

Key Features

  • Built with heat dissipation design
  • Can withstand heat
  • Has two headlights
  • Features advanced Osram chips

4. DNA Motoring HL-OH-CS03-4P-CH-AM Chrome Amber Headlights

DNA Motoring HL-OH-CS03-4P-CH-AM Chrome Amber Headlights
A headlight assembly that comes with both the Headlight and the bumper lights would be very nice to have such a headlight assembly, right?

That’s why I have come up with this headlight assembly that has both the lights, which will bring a different, unique, and beautiful appearance to the car.

Moreover, this would be perfect for professional usage as it includes all the elements that are most suitable for professional usage.

In terms of durability, longevity, and strength, this headlight assembly is far better than the one from AUTOSAVER88.

From my experience of using this headlight assembly, I can totally ensure that this will go a long way if you use it properly.

And the brightness of the light is not too strong that it will block others’ eyesight, but it is strong enough to let you have a crystal clear visibility that will help you to avoid accidents.

And for the people who are looking for a professional headlight assembly, this one is the holy grail for you. This has been made especially for professional usage.

Features To Be Excited About

You will need no additional moods to fit the headlight assembly, which means you can save your money as well.

Cons To Consider

Not beginner-friendly.

Key features

  • Suitable for professional usage
  • Saves money
  • Lightweight
  • Has headlight and bumper light

5. HWSTAR Headlight Assemblies, 500% Brighter Anti-glare

HWSTAR Headlight Assemblies, 500% Brighter Anti-glare
The people of this age mostly prefer headlight assembly that works well and looks good as well. And HWSTAR’s this headlight assembly has all the qualities that the youth wants.

It works great and has a modern look, so, in terms of both the look and work, this one is better than the headlight assembly model of DNA MOTORING.

This headlight assembly features the perfect beam pattern, which makes sure that there are no blind areas or dim spots on the headlight assembly, and that means you will get fresh and clear visibility.

Another thing about this headlight assembly that needs to be mentioned is that it fits the vehicle perfectly. You don’t have to push too hard to fit this headlight assembly into the car or need any professionals to help to fit this.

The construction of this black headlight assembly is very robust, and you can use this one for a very long time without any tension or repair.

Features To Be Excited About

This headlight is very compatible and sturdy. I have used this for a very long time and still didn’t have to repair this one for once. So, you can understand how well made this headlight assembly is!

Cons To Consider

You have to spend a little more than the others if you go with this one.

Key Features

  • Well made
  • Great design
  • Fits perfectly
  • Has anti-glare technology

6. AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Compatible with 1999-2002 Chevy

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Compatible with 1999-2002 Chevy
If you want a headlight assembly that can withstand any rough weather and still provides the best performance, then this is the ideal one for you.

As this headlight assembly has solid silicon in it and has one-way vents as well, it can prevent corrosion and moisture. So, this Headlight will not be affected easily under extreme weather.

The thing about this headlight assembly that I personally love very much is that its installation process is very easy. Anyone without any prior knowledge can also install this within some minutes.

Pull the two pins, take out the bulbs, push the little clips and hinge them; that’s all you have to do to install this headlight assembly. Very easy and convenient, right?

Based on the price, if we compare this headlight assembly and the one from ‎TYC, I would definitely choose this one because you can get AUTOSAVER88’s this headlight assembly at a lower price than the latter one. And it is worth all the penny.

Features To Be Excited About

There is a micro-prism reflector on one side of the headlight assembly which works as a safety reflector, and it will let you notice the passerby quickly at night, which is great.

Cons To Consider

The backend of the housings is a bit flimsy, so you may face difficulties while adjusting them.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Can withstand extreme weather
  • Has smoother beam
  • Can prevent corrosion

Comparison Chart

Product Name Light Source Type Position Lens Color Bulb Type
Partsam LED Front Transparent LED
Afeax LED Front White LED
 DNA MOTORING 9005 High / 9006 Low Beam ‎Front Transparent 9005 High / 9006 Low Beam
AUTOSAVER88 Halogen ‎Front Outside Clear Halogen

How to Blackout Your Headlight Housing

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question. Will the headlight assembly help me to drive safely at night?

Answer. Yes, of course.

One of the main goals of headlight assembly is to provide safety during nighttime driving. It will improve your visibility which will ultimately reduce accidents. The headlight assembly is not helpful for you only; rather, it helps the other drivers to notice your vehicle during night driving or in any extreme weather.

Question. Do I need to buy any additional tools to set up the headlight assembly?

Answer. The answer is no.

But here’s the thing, if you want to set the headlight assembly or install the assembly yourself, you should definitely have the basic tools like the socket wrench, screwdrivers, ratchet, sockets, etc. These are the very basic tools that are needed to install anything. So, you need these to set the headlight assembly. If you already have these in your house, then there’s no need to buy them again. But if you don’t have these and you want to install the headlight assembly yourself, then yes, you need to buy these tools.

Question. Will it be okay if I restore the headlight assembly frequently?

Answer. The answer is complicated, actually.

From my experience, I can tell you that it is okay to restore the headlight assembly frequently as the restoration doesn’t actually harm the lenses and the lenses are thick enough to withstand the restoration process as well. So, in any way, it shouldn’t be harmful. But it may vary from company to company. It would be wise if you ask the manufacturer before buying the headlight assembly.

Question. How can I choose the ideal amazon headlight assembly?

Answer. Very easy.

I have already mentioned the major facts that you need to consider before going with the headlight assembly. Check whether the headlight assembly that you are going with has these qualities within them or not. If the headlight assembly doesn’t have them, then I would personally suggest you look for another one. But if the headlight assembly has the factors, then you are about to get the best replacement headlight assembly.

Question. Is the headlight assembly strong enough?

Answer. Yes, they are.

The headlamp assemblies that I have discussed above are all top-notch quality, so obviously, these are strong enough.

In general, assemblies are strong enough to withstand any harshness. And the exterior material is impact resistant. So, yes, they will be strong enough to work for a longer time.

Final Words

You already know how much important it is to have headlight assemblies. It will not only make your driving smoother but also will make your night driving safe and secure, which is all we want, right?

And getting the ideal type of headlight assembly isn’t that tough. We have discussed almost everything regarding headlight assembly in this article. Follow this article carefully and get yourself the best headlight assemblies.

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