Best Infinite Position lift chair

Best Infinite Position lift chair

Does your lift chair work only in one or two positions? Are you expecting your lift chair to work in a fully reclining sleeping position?

Well, not every lift chair have that feature to work in the infinite position. They can go for two or three positions only. But if you want to use your recliner chair for sleeping or resting then you have to look further and research the market.

But don’t worry! Here in this article, we will review the top five best infinite position lift chair and help you to find your preferred one.

Why Choose An Infinite Position Lift Chair?

Sometimes we can not find a position that feels relaxed enough to us. Or maybe for some injuries or disease we can not sit comfortably for very long. For these reasons a lift chair can help us to move swiftly from seated to standing position.

Different Types Of Lift Chairs: There are different types of lift chairs are available in the market. Some lift chairs can come including a two-position lift chair, a three-position lift chair, or an infinite position chair. So you need to know the distinction when you are picking the perfect lift chair for your needs.

Why Choose An Infinite Position Lift Chair

Two-position Lift Chair: The two-position lift chair is similar to a traditional recliner. It uses only one motor to lift the chair. You can only sit in a natural position or recline slightly in a two-position lift chair while watching TV or reading books. But you can’t sit for too long.

Three-position Lift Chair: Three-position lift chairs offer a little more flexibility to your sitting routine than a two-position lift chair. Its back and footrest can swift more. You can recline closer to flat than sitting. But the footrest and back can’t move independently of each other.

Infinite Position Lift Chair: An infinite position chair can be customized to any position you like. You can fully recline the chair in a sleeping position. It has two motors, one for the back and another for the footrest. It allows great flexibility as its back and footrest can move independently and you can adjust the recline angle as your choice.

So you can use this while watching TV or using a computer/laptop, even for sleeping also. It is a great feature in the lift chair for sure.

Among these different types of lift chairs, an infinite position chair is worthy because of its features. Whether it’s in your living room or the corner of your bedroom, it will provide the comfort and accessibility you need when you are ready to take a rest. That’s why an lift chair can be the wisest investment for several key reasons.

How To Maintain A Lift Chair

A lift chair is a highly used item in many households. If you own a lift chair, you are probably looking for some tips to maintain it and protect your investment.

Thankfully it’s not difficult to make sure your lift chair runs perfectly and smoothly for years to come. A simple maintenance schedule is enough to take care of your chair.

How To Maintain A Lift Chair

Here we are going to list some specific care tips for lift chairs in an easy-to-read format.

The first thing you have to do is, keep your lift chair clean. Lift chairs can get dirty from time to time. So you have to clean the surface and surrounding area with products that are safe for the material used in the chair. Always test a small area before cleaning to assure, it does not stain or discolor the chair.

A common mistake many customers do is, they forget to plug in the lift chair. So they often think their lift chair is broken because it doesn’t work. Sometimes the plugging cord can get removed from the electric socket by mistake. So make sure your lift chair is plugged in correctly before assuming anything.

You have to test your remote control regularly. Because the remote is designed to work with the motor. So if you notice any strange sound in the motor or some hesitation pressing the remote, there is a possibility of an internal wiring issue. These issues need to be handled by professional service technicians only.

Always keep some backup batteries for your lift chair. Most of the lift chair designs have two 9-volt batteries located inside the supply box. So keep one or two rechargeable backup battery systems.

You have to be aware of the common issues of a lift chair. Consumers’ most common issues with lift chairs are power supply, cut wires, mechanism, and remote. So it’s important that an experienced professional fix these issues with proper care.

Maintaining a lift chair with care will assist in the longevity of the chair. Do not sit or stand on the footrest and always keep your remote control in the chair pocket or on a nearby table.

Lastly, always remember if the mechanical parts of your lift chair are not working correctly you will not be able to get up out of your chair. So never sleep in a lift chair if you are alone. Or if this ever happens, make sure you always have a phone nearby. And don’t worry! you can prevent these inconveniences by maintaining and repairing the chair regularly.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Infinite Position Lift Chair

Power lift chairs are the perfect piece of furniture for a person. These motorized chairs give comfort to the users. However, there are many different models of lift chairs available in the market. Choosing the perfect one can be confusing for first-time shoppers.

So let’s dive into the most important factors you need to consider to find the best power lift recliner infinite position.

Things to consider before buying infinite position lift chair

Fit and Size

The comfort of a lift chair depends on whether or not it is the proper size for its user. If you choose an oversized lift chair, your legs may not touch the footrest and your back may not receive the proper support. So, be sure to pick a lift chair of the perfect size for you.


The lift chair position is so important thing to consider before buying. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the chair and need to change positions often, then the lift chair is the wisest choice for you.

Chair placement

Before purchasing an lift chair, make sure you have enough space in your home to place this. Because of this infinite position feature, the chair needs more space than other chairs. So check the dimension of the space in which you want to place it before purchasing the chair.

Material Choice

There are many types of lift chairs according to their material and color. Some chair’s materials are fabric and others are leather. So you have to consider which material comforts you and what suits your need.

These are the key things to consider before buying. With these points in mind, you can find the infinite lift chair that’s right for you.

Best Infinite Position Lift Chair Review

An lift chair is an affordable chair you will love bringing home. It gives you overall comfort and relaxation. And in this segment, we will review the top five infinite position lift chairs from different brands. Hope it will be helpful for you to choose the excellent one.

1. Irene House Power Lift Chair Modern Transitional Chair Lifts

Irene House Infinite Position Lift Chair | Side Pocket

The very first product of our list is Irene House infinite position lift chair. It is a lift chair that offers a power lift function to elderly people who have difficulty standing from a sitting position. It is also ideal for people who have back/leg problems or surgery.

This chair reclines gently with a simple push of a button. Its German Brand Okin motors make it outstanding. Its extending footrest and reclining features allow you to fully stretch and relax.

Its overstuffed pillow design gives you a comfortable seat feeling that you will fall in love. It is an ideal chair for watching TV, reading, and sleeping.

Its overall seat material is textile. If you want a leather one then MCombo infinite position lift chair can be a good option.

Features To Be Excited About

This infinite position lift chair is a multipurpose chair with stable performance, sturdy construction, and a classic design. It has an ergonomic design to reduce user’s stress.

Cons To Consider

This infinite position chair is a little overpriced. Otherwise, it is doing just as fine as we expect.

Key Features

Side seams pocket

Support max 300lbs

Tool-free assembly

Material textile

2. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

MCombo Infinite Position Lift Chair | USB Ports | Faux Leather

On the second of the product list, we have a top brand MCombo infinite position lift chair. This is a well-known brand that produces counter-balanced lift mechanism chairs that assist the seniors to stand up easily without any stress.

You can adjust your chair reclining position with just two buttons. Its TUV certified motors push the entire chair up.

It has an overstuffed padded seat and back to make it more comfortable for anyone. Its faux leather is easy to clean. You can clean it with a dry or damp lint-free cloth easily.

But if the leather is not preferable to you, then you can try out the CANMOV infinite position lift chair.

Features To Be Excited About

This infinite position chair has USB ports to charge your devices. And its recommended height is 5.1”-5.9”. So tall people also can use this without any hassle.

Cons To Consider

Sometimes the USB port doesn’t work properly. Otherwise, it is doing a great job as a lift chair.

Key Features

Max recline angle 140 degree

Including cup holder

Side pocket

Easy assembly

3. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

MCombo Infinite Position Lift Chair | 3 Position

An infinite position lift chair with massage and heat features is something, most people are looking for. That’s why MCombo has introduced an infinite position lift chair with these features for the people who need them most.

Its TUV certified motor pushes to lift the chair and helps the user to stand up easily without any problem. You can smoothly adjust the position of the chair using the remote control.

This chair comes with eight vibrating points and one lumber heating point. Also, you can turn off the points in a fixed time.

If you don’t want this massage and heat feature in your chair then MCombo has other options for you according to your need.

Features To Be Excited About

This infinite position lift chair has USB ports, cup holders, and side pockets which makes this a multipurpose one. And its recommended height is 5.1”-5.9”.

Cons To Consider

Its USB port is only for low-power devices such as mobile phones or iPad.

Key Features

Easy assembly

High-quality Faux leather

140-degree recline angle

Heat and massage function

4. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

CANMOV Infinite Position Lift Chair | Heavy Duty | Safety Motion

CANMOV is another popular brand you can consider buying if you want a chair with a heavy-duty mechanism. This brand produces the best infinite position lift chair with a single motor function for a safe reclining position.

You can adjust this extra wide heavy duty lift chair to any customized position. Its overstuffed pillow design and textile material make it more comfortable and give you the ultimate lounging experience.

This chair has 300lbs weight capacity. If you want more then MCombo infinite position lift chair will be a good choice.

Features To Be Excited About

This infinite position lift chair comes with a handy remote control. It is an electric power lift chair with a silent electric motor.

Cons To Consider

The only problem you may face with this chair is, the remote doesn’t last long. You have to keep getting a new one sometimes.

Key Features

Max weight capacity 300lbs

Easy assembly and easy using

Side pocket

Material textile

5. Mcombo Electric Power LiftReclinerChair with Massage and Heat

MCombo Infinite Position Lift Chair | Side Pocket | Cup Holder

On the last of the list of products, here we have MCombo infinite-position electric lift chair for you. It is a chair with a counter-balanced lift mechanism with vibration and a heated massage function.

It has eight vibrating points and one lumber heating point to give you an excellent full-body massage. Its overstuffed seat and back give you maximum comfort.

This infinite position lift chair is undoubtedly a worthy one according to the budget. Besides, if you want a fully reclining lift chair then you can go for Irene House infinite position lift chair.

Features To Be Excited About

This chair has dual USB ports, two side pockets, and two cup holders on both sides. And It is recommended for people of 5.1”-5.9” height.

Cons To Consider

This chair has a 140-degree reclining angle. It doesn’t recline fully. So you can’t use this chair for sleeping.

Key Features

Material textile

Tool-free assembly

Dual USB ports and cup holders

Weight capacity 320lbs

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long does a power lift chair last?

On average, power lift chairs can last between 10 to 20 years depending on the handling system as well as how often you use this.

How do power lift chairs get power?

Power lift chairs get power from their automated motors, battery pack, or electrical cord. That’s why electric power chairs are different from manual chairs.

How long do recliners batteries last?

Battery capacity is the indicator of how long the charge will last in the lift chair. In general, battery packs can hold about 1000 to 3000 mAh and this will last more than a month.

Do power lift chairs reliable?

Power lift chairs have controlled movements and that’s why they are more reliable and often have a longer lifespan than manual ones.

Is it ok to sleep in a lift chair for a heavy person?

There is some best lift chair for heavy person in which seeping is generally safe. So it will not be a problem to sleep in those lift chairs.

Final Thoughts

By the end of this article, you may have a clear idea about the infinite position chair and its details. To help you to find the best infinite position lift chair, we have reviewed some of the top items here with a perfect buying guide. May this article will be helpful for you.

For more queries, get in touch with us in the comment section.

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