Best Intake For Mk7 GTI

Best Intake For Mk7 GTI

Does your car need a cold air intake system? A lot of people ask this question, and here, we are giving you the rundown about the best intake for MK7 GTI.

As you may have guessed, the air intake goes into the engine. It starts at the air filter and goes through the air intake. It then passes through the throttle body of a naturally aspirated vehicle or the turbo intake hose of a turbo vehicle. Anyway, if the car’s engine is running, the air is drawn into the system for combustion.

However, when talking about the air intake system, everyone seems to be talking about its benefits. But it rarely happens when people talk about the best products. So we will give you a 360-degree view of the whole thing to get a better understanding.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
Kyostar Turbo Inlet Elbow Silicone Air Intake Hose PipeKyostar Turbo Inlet Elbow Silicone Air Intake Hose PipeCheck Price
Epman EPCGQ135Z Turbo High Flow Inlet PipeEpman EPCGQ135Z Turbo High Flow Inlet PipeCheck Price
AF Dynamic Black Air Intake Filter system + Heat ShieldAF Dynamic Black Air Intake Filter system + Heat ShieldCheck Price
Mishimoto MMAI-MK7-15P Performance Air IntakeMishimoto MMAI-MK7-15P Performance Air IntakeCheck Price
Velocity Concepts Air Intake Filter +Heat ShieldVelocity Concepts Air Intake Filter +Heat ShieldCheck Price

What Are Cold Air Intake And Exhaust

You can add power to your vehicle in several ways. However, it is important to know each part’s performance to deliver a better outcome as it helps you modify or upgrade your vehicle.

In this segment, we will demonstrate what cold air intake and exhaust are and their role in improving your vehicle’s performance.

Cold Air Intake And Exhaust

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes are such parts that draw cold air into your vehicle’s engine and combustion chamber. By reducing the engine’s temperature and soaking heat, the cold air intake increases the engine’s efficiency. Additionally, it can enhance the horsepower and the engine’s performance of your vehicle.


The exhaust system of an engine ensures an easy escape from the exhaust gases after burning. In this way, it enables the engine to breathe better and perform better. Besides, it helps to quiet the exhaust noise.

Benefits of Cold Air Intake

The most famous advantage of the cold air intake system is that it improves oxygen combustion rate and vehicle performance.

Another fairly common advantage of cold air intakes is their excellent acceleration. The responsiveness of the vehicle is greatly improved. Obtaining a cold air intake system is an engine upgrade that improves the air-fuel ratio. The more air that flows through the engine, the less fuel needs to be burned.

Finally, the cold air intake ensures that your car produces a bigger and richer sound. The more air there is in the engine, the stronger the sound of the engine.

Disadvantages Of Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes are generally denser than standard air intakes. The biggest advantage of a cold air intake system is its biggest disadvantage, more precisely because of the location of the filter. A low-mounted filter outside the engine compartment is suitable for drawing in cooler, denser air. However, it is also the spot of the greatest accumulation of dust and moisture.

When large amounts of water enter the intake, a water seal can form on the car engine, which can cause catastrophic damage. When adding a cold air intake system, the meter must also be upgraded. Otherwise, the air intake will give inaccurate readings, resulting in incorrect air-fuel ratio calculations.

Consider These Things Before Buying Intake For Mk7 GTI

As with all components, proper application is the most important aspect. For enthusiasts who aspire to automotive performance, the cold intake kit is an attractive proposition. Most kits are easy to install, inexpensive, and can offer significant performance boosts. Yet, not all kits are the same.

Consider the few things below before getting the best MK7 GTI intake.

Things To Consider Before Buying Intake For Mk7 GTI


The first thing to consider is material. As discussed above, cold air intake aims to remove heat so that cooler air can enter the engine. Therefore, it is wise to choose the one made of heat-resistant materials.

Cold air intakes can be made of plastic or metal pipes. While both materials work equally well, you should understand that the latter will be slightly warmer than the former. Plus, the plastic cold air intake is cheaper, and the design’s exclusive look blends well with the engine compartment.

The metal cold air intake is recommended for car owners who want enhanced performance and style in one package. Therefore, your priorities in terms of performance and style will lead to purchasing an air intake.

Protection Against Water

It is also important to purchase air intakes with adequate protection against water or wet weather.

The last thing to do is to let the water enter the cold air intake. It is because a wet intake can lead to serious engine problems


Most air intake manufacturers design for a specific engine and vehicle, year of manufacture, brand, and model. So, it would help if you made sure that the products you ordered and installed are recommended for your particular vehicle.


The next consideration is the style or type of cold intake system. There are generally two types: short ram systems and true cold intake systems.

The short lift provides much easier access to the air filter. Its design requires less plumbing or manufacturing work.

Ont the other side, the true cold air intake focuses on moving the air filter forward as far as possible. It generates more additional cold airflow than short plunger designs.

Top 5 Best Intake For Mk7 GTI Reviews

The air intake is a great addition to the vehicle, considering that it does not require anything special to install. However, you will need to tweak the engine later to enjoy a slightly improved ride.

We will show you the top five MK7 GTI APR intake review in the market in this segment.

1. Kyostar Turbo Inlet Elbow Silicone Air Intake Hose Pipe

Kyostar Turbo Inlet Elbow Silicone Air Intake Hose Pipe

Are you looking for an intake for MK7 GTI that will allow the engine movements properly without causing any complications? Well, the Kyostar can win the deal because it is a smooth-flowing silicone hose with a large diameter. Let’s get to know what amazing features it has!

The Kyostar intake for MK7 GTI has an aluminum-made elbow with CNC machined connection apart from a smooth silicone body. Besides, it is efficiently designed to ensure increased airflow through the turbocharger!

We have experienced a smooth acceleration of our car after installing this intake for MK7 GTI. After observing its overall performance, we must admit that it is a great deal for the price compared to other options. Available in the market.

Features To Be Excited About

The intake for MK7 GTI is fully TIG welded and powder-coated in a textured-black finish, which creates a unique impression. Its five-ply construction and fluorine inner layer ensure maximum protection against oil.

Cons To Consider

Though the outer diameter of the hose is large, the inner diameter is a bit tight to fit even with the O-rings lubed. Besides, we did not face any major issues.

Key Features 

Textured-black finish

Laser-cut bracket

Allows increased airflow

Protects itself against oil

2. Epman EPCGQ135Z Turbo High Flow Inlet Pipe

Epman EPCGQ135Z Turbo High Flow Inlet Pipe

Are you looking for a sturdy aluminum intake for MK7 GTI? You must not overlook this amazing product from the Epman. Its ergonomic design allows the organically shaped inlet to transition gradually over any distance.

First of all, it is easy to install with various upgraded features, such as eliminating the restrictions before the turbocharger. Besides, it can develop the airflow rather than abruptly reduce the inlet like other units.

The best thing about this intake for MK7 GTI is its large size that allows the turbocharger to work more efficiently. According to the price range, this product is indeed a win-win deal! However, if budget is not an issue, then you can try the next product.

Features To Be Excited About

The inlet and outlet of this intake for MK7 GTI is a CNC machine controlled to tolerate the excessive pressure and ensure a secure connection, which we rarely find in other brands. So, it is a plus point.

Cons To Consider

Though it works somewhat okay, we recommend this as the last option because it does not seem strong.

Key Features 

Easy to install

Large internal diameter

Fits perfectly

Reasonable price

3. AF Dynamic Black Air Intake Filter system + Heat Shield

AF Dynamic Black Air Intake Filter system + Heat Shield

If you are looking for the best intake for MK7 GTI with a simple installation procedure, you should go for this one. If budget is not an issue, this tool will help you a lot. It is formed with high-quality stainless steel, which ensures its longevity.

The first thing that has impressed us is its quick installation that requires no drilling, cutting, or fabrication! Its Cold Air Intake System includes all the necessities we need for installing it. Besides, it includes a detailed manual that has helped us a lot while installing.

Compared to the other MST intake MK7, its high-flow air filter and aluminum heatshield with insulation mat ensure better engine performance. So its overall performance will surely make it a permanent choice for your MK7 GTI.

Features To Be Excited About

This intake for MK7 GTI efficiently flows cold air to ensure a better throttle response. Besides, it improves filtration up to 95% over OEM filters. We highly recommend this for professional purposes.

Cons To Consider

The manufacturer could have improved the rubber quality on the flange. Otherwise, we have no complaint against the performance of this MK7 GTI APR intake.

Key Features

Professional grade

Top-quality stainless steel

Improves gas mileage

Ensures higher horsepower output

4. Mishimoto MMAI-MK7-15P Performance Air Intake

Mishimoto MMAI-MK7-15P Performance Air Intake

Are you looking for a highly aggressive intake for Mk7 GTI? The Mishimoto can be the right pick for you. It is one of the most compatible intakes with a maximum gain of 12 WHP and 14 WTG.

It dramatically helps to reduce air inlet temperatures. The manufacturers have included a black powder-coated airbox to keep the hot air away and prevent entering the filter. Besides, the SAI filter and port allow the intake to work with SAI or non-SAI systems.

We tried a lot of intakes in the market, but nothing could be better than this one. It does not have anything extra, but the common features make MK7 GTI cold air intake the most beneficial.

Features To Be Excited About

The most remarkable fact is, the Mishimoto intake for MK7 GTI is coupled with an aggressive intake tone which shows an upgraded result in any streets or tracks car. Overall, its high-quality components make it unbeatable among others.

Cons To Consider

We have not faced any demerits of this product.

Key Features

High-quality components

Installs in no time

Includes SAI filter and port

Direct-fit installation

5. Velocity Concepts Air Intake Filter +Heat Shield

Velocity Concepts Air Intake Filter +Heat Shield

If you are fond of using updated products only, look no further than the AF dynamic intake for MK7 GTI. It includes upgraded features and uses top-quality stainless steel button head bolts, washers, locknuts, and band clamps.

The AF dynamic intake for MK7 GTI comes with all the necessary tools and instructions for installation, so you do not need to put much effort while setting it up. Besides, it includes reflective insulation material to reduce and soak the temperature from the engine.

It perfectly fits after mounting it properly. Besides, it works with Original Equipment Manufacturer computer systems, unlike the other competitive products! Thus, it is a penny-worthy product with what you will never feel regret.

Features To Be Excited About

We appreciated that it is featured with improved filtration up to 95% over OEM paper filters. Besides, the manufacturer uses high-quality silicon material instead of cheap rubbers to expand its longevity.

Cons To Consider

The price seems a bit higher. Otherwise, it is good stuff according to its performance.

Key Features

High-quality silicone coupler

Helps the engine to draw in colder air

Suitable for professional use

Intense sporty sound.

VW MK7 GTI/R + Audi 8V S3/A3 Intake | Removal and Installation Process

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much worthy is it to use cold intake?

The answer is always yes.

Whether you notice it or not, a cold air intake actively helps your vehicle’s engine run smoothly and faster. Therefore, always try to buy the top quality product.

Does an intake increase horsepower?

If you are upgrading or installing an air intake, you may expect an increase in power of 5 to 15 horsepower. But this number may be higher or lower depending on the make, model, engine size, and air intake type.

Can a cold air intake damage my car engine?

Cold air intakes can potentially damage your engine if you improperly install them. If you want to get the highest benefit for a long, install them right and conduct regular maintenance.

Are all the intakes offer the same features?

For the most part, yes. But they are different in terms of quality, performance, and longevity. Therefore, you need to find the best one out of the alternatives.

How does the best downpipe for MK7 GTI work?

After burning, the exhaust gases find their way out via the downpipe of the turbocharger to the rest of the exhaust system.

Final Words

Cold intakes are a very common modification offered by many companies, so they are often designed with benefits in mind rather than safe and reliable operation. It has many advantages, but care must be taken when selecting the product, like all modifications. Otherwise, the engine may be damaged. Comparing the above products, choose the best intake for MK7 GTI and reduce the likelihood of future problems.

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