Best Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads

Best Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads

Choosing the best intake manifold for Vortec heads should be a top priority. The function ensures that the air entering the engine is properly circulating within the cylinders. It is the first process of combustion.

An intake manifold for Vortec heads is mainly a series of a cylindrical pathway that can help with the “cooling down” of the engine and also prevents it from overheating. There are various types of manifolds – SBC Intake Manifold is one of the most popular ones.

In this article, we talk about the SBC racing intake manifold that is suitable for your engine. After analyzing, we have decided to write about five intake manifolds that will suit you perfectly! So keep on reading.

Small Block Chevy Intake Manifold Comparison

Whether it is an old model SBC manifold or a newer one like 87-95 SBC intake manifold, you must understand two major categories. It is important to choose wisely so that it suits your SBC engine. Those are, Single-Plane and Dual-Plane.

Single-Plane Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads

A single-plane intake manifold grants an evenly distributed flow within the cylinders. It has shorter and direct runners. Because of that, it can move more air from the car to the head. That is why it is more appropriate for high RMP.

It is perfect for your racing gears, as it can carry horsepower through 8000 RMP. Although, keep in mind that it does not provide a clean induction in low RMP as the dual-plane manifold does.

Dual-Plane Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads

A dual-plane intake manifold is also known as a 180-degree intake manifold. It has a more clean induction pulse, as can see the other four firing cylinders. It is considered more fitting for low RMP.

Typically its longer intake runners make it ideal for low to mid-range power. You can choose a dual-plane manifold for street or mild racing.

Things To Consider Before Buying Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads

Shopping for an intake manifold for Vortec heads can be a bit of stress, as there are so many options in so many categories. But worry not! We are here to save the day. We have tested out a few manifolds and shortened them out for you.

So before you go out and start looking for the best Edelbrock intake for SBC, you might want to know a bit more so that you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Here are a few things to consider before buying an intake manifold for Vortec heads.


It is wise to stick with the popular brands that are known for their excellent quality. Such as the Edelbrock brand. We have reviewed a few of them in the article so that you can check those out.


Keep in mind that you buy the manifold according to your engine type. If it is not designed for your sbc engine, it will not adjust with it.


When you buy the manifold, make sure it contains everything that you will need – so that you do not have to go back and forth.


Do not forget to check for cracks and dents. There might be times you find it. In that case, you will have a hard time fitting it with the engine.


If possible, bring a straightedge to recheck the flatness of the surface.


Check the vacuum tubes to see if it is clean. Because if not, it will surely hamper the performance of the manifold.


Look in for any gunk buildup that can be trapped inside the water intel. You do not want that! Get one that is clean and well-made.

Mostly, try to look out if it is suitable for your engine type. The most important thing to do is, go for one that fulfills the requirements that your SBC engine needs – and you will be all set!

Best Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads Reviews

The Vortec is an extremely reliable engine. And for it to run smoothly, you need to pay attention to what type of intake manifold you are using for its heads.

Here are a few of the intake manifold for Vortec heads that you might be interested in.

Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Natural Finish

An intake manifold must contain qualities such as durability and excellent finish. And those are the qualities you will find in the Edelbrock Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads. You can use it on any stock or any original equipment.

It has a dual plane intake style that allows the engine to improve torque within a wide RMP range. It is also great for throttle response. The intake manifold is most compatible with passengers cars, RVs, trucks, or tow vehicles.

The natural finish gives the intake manifold a new look that none other has. It spruces up the material quality to a premium level. If you are into that kind of look, you might want to opt for this intake manifold for Vortec heads.

Features To Be Excited About

The greatest thing about the intake manifold is that the RMP range is idle through 5500 RMP. Plus, the material and the finish of this intake manifold are outstanding! It is made of aluminum and has a natural finish.

Cons To Consider

Make sure you fit it correctly with your engine. Otherwise, it can crack and damage the whole thing.

Key Features 

  • Excellent throttle
  • 5500 RMP
  • Dual plate intake
  • Natural finish

TYFYB Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Budget-Friendly

It is hard to find a high-quality intake manifold for Vortec heads that are also budget-friendly. But this manifold gives you a taste of both worlds! It is one of the most well-made products on the market that will not empty your wallet.

The power of it can be compared with the single plane manifolds. It has portholes that are 1.23 inches wide and 1.99 inches tall. The material is also top-notch! It is made of aluminum. The manifold is specifically designed for 1957-86 SBC Chevy engines.

But if you are looking for 1996-2000 Chevy engines, the Auto Parts Prodigy Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads would be the right choice for you because the measurement supports the 96-00 SBC engines. Check our review on the recliners for back and neck problems.

Features To Be Excited About

Even with it having a single plane power, the intake manifold has a great throttle response. Also, it has dual-plane drivability – which adds to the impressive build quality.

Cons To Consider

Make sure you check the guide to see if the model fits your engine, as it has a specific type of engine that will match it.

Key Features 

  • Well made
  • Affordable
  • High-quality finish
  • Great throttle and drivability

Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Improved Torque

When choosing the best intake manifold for Vortec heads, it is important to remember that it performs well with the engine. A well-matched intake manifold for Vortec heads can go a long way for your engine!

The Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads is the perfect example of that. This one takes the game to another level, with its provisions for exterior water bypass. Moreover, it does not have any provisions for the chokes that are heated by exhaust.

It has the most impressive torque out of all the other intake manifolds for vortec heads listed here. So if you are looking for a manifold with a better torque, you can easily select this intake manifold! Find the best chair for l5 s1 herniated disc.

Features To Be Excited About

This intake manifold has a new and improved torque with its wide RMP range. The RMP range is over 5500rmp. Furthermore, it is compatible with both – square and spread bore carburetors.

Cons To Consider

As it has a higher quality, the price point is a bit high too. But that is true in most cases!

Key Features

  • Extarnal water bypass
  • Improved torque
  • Accepts air conditioning
  • RMP 5500

Auto Parts Prodigy Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Durable

If you are looking for an intake manifold for Vortec heads that are durable, long-lasting with a high RMP range, we have the perfect manifold for you! We are talking about the Auto Parts Prodigy Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads.

This intake manifold for Vortec heads is made of cast aluminum. It is specifically made for compatibility with the 1996-2000 Chevy Vortec 350 383. Plus, it has a power range of 6500rmp! That is impressive indeed.

Comparatively, this has a higher RMP range than the Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Natural Finish. Even though both manifolds are great for your engine, you can buy the one that matches your engine requirement.

Features To Be Excited About

Before launching the intake manifolds, it is always pressure-tested for leaks. So you can be rest assured that even with high pressure, it will not be damaged with leakage.

Cons To Consider

It does not have the most impressive torque ability.

Key Features

  • Dual plane style
  • Cast-aluminum
  • Durable
  • Improved 6500 RMP

Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | High Quality

This intake manifold for Vortec heads will be perfect for you if you are looking for a suitable manifold for streets or strip. That is because it has a wide power range of RMP. It is mostly made for high-performance.

It can operate from idle through 5500 RMP. Also, it has no provision for chokes that are created from exhaust heat. All and all, it is a great intake to keep at hand. With its impressive torque performance, you will not be disappointed!

This intake manifold for Vortec heads is compatible with the square-bore carburetor only. But if you want a manifold that is compatible with both the square and spread bore, you can choose the Edelbrock Intake Manifold For Vortec Heads | Improved Torque.

Features To Be Excited About

Edelbrock is a legend when it comes to manifolds. The quality is unmatchable. It can make great low to mid-range power if that is what you are looking for. Plus, it looks great!

Cons To Consider

This intake manifold for vortec heads is not suitable for emissions-equipped engines.

Key Features

  • Four barrel
  • Square-bore carburators
  • Ideal for street or strip
  • High quality

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What happens if the intake manifold is damaged?

If it is a vacuum leakage that you are dealing with, it can disrupt the air to fuel ratio of the sbc engine. Also, it can create performance issues like – power decrease, stalling, misfires, acceleration.

Is it safe to drive with a bad intake manifold?

Driving the car might be okay for a few months if there is no fluid leakage or stalling. But we would suggest you change it as soon as you can because safety comes first.

What causes the intake manifold to damage?

The main culprit of manifold damage is overheating. When the car engine overheats, it expands the aluminum cylinders. And when it expands, it no longer provides a proper seal.

Which is the best SBC dual plane intake manifold?

Depending on your engine type, it can vary from engine to engine. Try and figure out what your engine needs before selecting one. We have listed a few in this article for you.

How much time can it take to change the intake manifold?

It should not take more than 1-2 hours if they know what they are doing.

Final Words

All things considered, we can safely assume that you already found the best intake manifold for vortec heads after reading this article! Please do not wait too long to add that manifold to your basket and enjoy the ride of your life after installing it. You will be thanking us later!

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