Best Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine

A kitchen is a place of a home that is used to prepare or cook food. Thus, there are chances of spilling food or other liquids on the floor. So, you need to follow the correct cleaning method to keep the floor in good condition.

Cleaning the floor with a mop or broom is an ancient method. But these are less likely to remove dirt and debris as much as the best kitchen floor cleaner machine does.

Once you own suitable domestic floor tile cleaning machines to clean your floor, cleaning will not be a challenging and time-consuming task for you. Therefore, we have compiled the top five kitchen floor cleaning machines to squeaky clean your floor better than any other product can do.

How To Deep Clean Kitchen Floor Tiles

Religiously sweeping and mopping is the best thing you can do to your floor to remove loose dirt. But occasionally, you need to give your floor a squeaky clean to give it a shiny look. In this segment, we have discussed the steps to deep clean kitchen floor tiles.

Remove Loose Dirt

First of all, you need to remove loose dirt and dust from the floor by sweeping or vacuuming. If you want to follow the sweeping method, use a soft bristle broom and sweep the entire floor. Refrain from using straw brooms because they are not gentle or flexible like a soft bristle broom.

After sweeping, you can optionally use a vacuum to capture leftovers.

Clean Between The Tiles

Sometimes, the line between the tiles gets dirty if it is not sealed or the sealant is already worn out. You can use a stiff-bristled small brush to clean the lines. You can spray lukewarm water, baking soda-vinegar paste, or oxygen bleach on the targeted area and run the brush through the lines.

Make sure to brush the between lines gently because too much force can damage your floor.

Remove Tough Stain

Brooming or vacuuming is not enough to remove stubborn stains. So, you need to follow a different approach to remove paint, oil, wax, or other stains from the tiles.

If your tiles have food spill stains such as tea, coffee, juice, etc., hydrogen peroxide will do wonders. Besides, if you have oil-based stains, use club soda and rinse with water.

Mop Cleaning

Now, use a mop to squeaky clean the floor from all the residue. You can use a microfiber mop or soft cloth to clean the floor. However, avoid using sponges to clean because they absorb dirty water and redistribute it to the floor.

Let The Floor Dry

Once you are done with mopping and sweeping, let the floor dry completely. You can use a clean and dry linen fabric to buff the floor because air dry may leave water spots and streaks. Use your hand and move the cloth back and forth or circular motion to dry out the floor.

What Is Floor Cleaning Machine

There are numerous methods of cleaning the floor, and a floor cleaning machine is one of them. It is a hygienic alternative to traditional and manual cleaning methods. You can choose various manual methods, but a machine is the most time-saving and effortless to clean your floor.

While searching for a house or kitchen floor cleaning machine, you will see various machines with unique abilities. Some require soap or chemicals to clean, or some require plain water. Based on the price and features, you will have different options to choose one according to your requirement.

A high-quality floor cleaning machine eliminates the need to use a scrubber or force against the floor. They are specially designed to work on the floor and clean gently. Though using a machine is expensive, it is worth every penny.

If you want to save money, you can stick to the traditional method. Hence, using a tile cleaner machine home depot might sound expensive, but it is a reasonable option for the long term. Also, it is a hygienic option as you do not need to dip the dirty mop in the bucket like the old method.

Things To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine

If you have the best multi-surface floor cleaning machine, you do not need to use your hands or bend your knees on the floor. Eventually, it can make your life much easier. In this segment, we have gathered some considerations that will lead you to decide the exact machine you want.


An essential consideration of a kitchen floor cleaner machine is its versatility. The primary purpose of a kitchen floor cleaner machine is to maintain your kitchen floor. Hence, it should have the ability to clean other surfaces in your home.

Also, check if you can use the machine on all types of floors, such as vinyl, marble, cement, mosaic, carpet, etc., or other surfaces in your home.


It is clearly anticipated that you need to move the machine from one room to another. Therefore, you need to consider its portability and weight. You need to check the handle, cord length, design of the particular product.

Another thing you should check is the water tank size of the machine. If you have large rooms in your house, you need a cleaner machine with a larger water tank—the portability of the machine decreases as per the water tank size increases.

Maneuver Ability

It is better to go for such a machine with good maneuverability. Such types of machines can be useful to clean tough corners. However, some machines have rotatable mop heads that can slip underneath chairs, tables, or other furniture.

Cleaning method

Different machines offer unique methods, such as dual-tank technology, steam, rotating head, buffing, and so on. These unique features are very effective in cleaning your floor. However, the type of machine you will choose depends on your personal preference.


If you are choosing a machine with a water tank, you need to check the tank size. The smaller tanks require to be filled up very often, which can interrupt your cleaning. Also, if you choose a machine with steaming technology, make sure to get one that heats up quickly because it impacts the total time of cleaning your house.

Best Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine Reviews

Here, we present our top five kitchen floor cleaner machines that will be useful for you. keep going down, explore, and choose the right product to treat your kitchen well.

Bissell kitchen floor cleaning machine | two-tank technology

As the kitchen floors have the possibility of getting dirty, you need something strong to clean. If you are thinking about an effective way to clean the kitchen floor, the Bissell kitchen floor cleaning machine can be the top pick.

This model is safe and convenient for tile, sealed wood, pressed wood floors, rubber mats, etc. It features a tangle-free brush roll that can clean large debris from the floor, saving you from using your hands and bow down.

The electric tile cleaner machine provides two-tank technology, which means you can use it to vacuum clean and wash dirty water from the floor. Thus, cleaning everyday kitchen mess is quicker and easier than before. However, if you want a cleaner with an extra-large cord, you can check the next product on our list.

Features To Be Excited About

This machine is helpful for multiple purposes. It can clean both wet and dry messes, including food spills and dirty water from the kitchen floor. Plus, it has surprised us with its brilliant action against pet hair and pet hair messes on the carpet!

Cons To Consider

The manufacturer said that this tiles cleaner machine could clean liquid or loose debris. Though it can clean loose debris, it fails to clean squeaky clean dirty water. The floor remains damp after the first swipe.

Key Features 

  • Two tank technology
  • Reduce odor in one clean
  • Quick and easy
  • Removes pet hair

Oreck Orbiter Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine | Multipurpose

If you want to use a commercial-grade kitchen floor cleaner machine, you can use the Oreck Orbiter. It is specially made to work on all flooring types, including hardwood, tile, or other hardwood floors.

The specialty of this floor cleaner is a rotating brush that can deep clean your floor without accidentally gouging or destroying it. The brush head rotates orbitally to glide over the floor and clean tough messes.

If you have large rooms, you will love this one because of its extra-long cable, unlike the other ones on our list. You will not need to move the cable frequently from one outlet to another.

Features To Be Excited About

The most exciting feature of this kitchen floor cleaner machine is its rotating brush head that cleans the floor without leaving any soap or other residue. Also, it is safe to use around children or pets in the home.

Cons To Consider

It does not work against tough grouts in between the floor.

Key Features 

  • Extra-long cord
  • Deep cleansing ability
  • Rotating brush
  • Suitable for various surfaces

Hoover Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine | Clean Boost Control

If you are a perfectionist and try to keep your kitchen floor hygiene, you better get this kitchen floor cleaner machine from Hoover. It is a versatile machine and effective for the floors as in hardwood, vinyl, tile, etc.

The powerful SpinScrub brushes of this machine can gently and safely remove dirt. Plus, its dual tank technology can clean dirty water from the floor and keep clean water separated so that the dirty water does not flow back on the floor.

Besides, its clean boost fingertip control will allow you to apply extra detergent to clean stubborn dirt between the tiles and heavy traffic areas. You will not find this feature in any other kitchen floor cleaner machines on the market.

Features To Be Excited About

We love the fact of how brilliant it works to clean both liquid and solid dirt. Its damp wash mode can clean while suctioning up dirty water. On the other hand, its dry mode stops brushes from suctioning up water and cleans loose dirt.

Cons To Consider

The brushes do not touch the floor directly. We need to wheel the machine from several angles to clean the floor properly.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Dual tank and clean boost technology
  • Damp wash and dry wash mode
  • Versatile uses

Light N Easy Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine | Steam Mop

If you are looking for a kitchen floor cleaner machine with smart technology, you should pick Light N Easy steam mop cleaner. You do not need to use chemicals; just use tap water to clean the floor.

This floor cleaner comes with different features. It uses hot steam to remove stains and stickiness from the floor. You can work with it with distilled or tap water. As it does not require any chemicals, it is safe to use around pets or kids. You can also check our article on foot massager for flat feet.

It is the best kitchen floor cleaner machine and convenient to use on marble, tile, ceramic, or stone surface. All you need is to place it upright, slant, and glide to release the steam and clean the floor. Besides, if you want a cordless kitchen floor cleaner machine, you can check the next product.

Features To Be Excited About

The most excellent feature of this kitchen floor leaner machine is that you can detach it into a separate handheld steam cleaner for multipurpose cleaning. You can even use it to clean the kitchen countertop.

Cons To Consider

It does not work for scrubbing the floor.

Key Features

  • Releases powerful steam
  • Various steam settings
  • No chemicals needed
  • Safe to use

VMAI Electric Kitchen Floor Cleaner Machine | Cordless Mop

VMAI electric kitchen floor cleaner machine is one of our favorites. It is a powerful floor cleaner that gives your kitchen floor a deep clean instantly.

Instead of bowing down to clean sticky messes, you can use this electric cleaner. It has a dual spinning motor that effectively lifts tough stains, dust, and splotch from the floor. You can also check our article on the washing machine for blankets.

Moreover, the kitchen floor mop comes with an extendable rod that you can adjust according to your height! Thus, you do not need to bend your back to push the mop head forward.

Features To Be Excited About

The most exciting feature of this kitchen floor is its flexible mop head and adjustable rod. You can rotate it from left to right and adjust the rod according to your need to facilitate mopping. Also, you can clean the hidden dirt beneath the furniture!

Cons To Consider

It does not clean the surface in one swipe. We need to move it twice or thrice to clean the floor properly.

Key Features

  • Runs with a rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable rod
  • LED headlight removes grime
  • Built-in water tank

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which method is effective to clean the kitchen floor-manual or machine?

The kitchen floor cleaner machines can help squeaky clean the floor without putting in much effort. It saves time and reduces your hassle for cleaning the floor. Therefore, cleaning with a machine seems much more effective than the manual method.

Is a kitchen floor cleaning machine similar to a vacuum cleaner?

Not at all.

A vacuum cleaner is useful for loose dirt only. On the other hand, a kitchen floor cleaner machine works against loose or liquid dirt.

Is it capable of cleaning puppy messes?

Of course, it is!

You can use it to clean puppy poop or pee, food spills, and dirty water from the floor.

Can I use a floor cleaner on the carpet?

Yes, you can. But there is a risk that the machine may pick up the carpet lint if the carpet quality is average.

Does the best kitchen floor cleaning machine work on grout?

Yes, it does.

However, we would recommend using a handheld brush to clean the grouts unequivocally.

Final Words

A kitchen floor cleaner machine plays a vital role in properly cleaning the soap residue, tough stains, or food spills from the tiles. Thus we recommend you to use the best kitchen floor cleaner machine to experience sparkling, fresh floors.

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