Best Lift Chair For Big And Tall

Best Lift Chair For Big And Tall

Is there anyone who doesn’t face any difficulties in old age? The answer should be no. Being unable to get up from a sitting position is difficult at this age. Elder people face this problem usually. What if you find a lift chair, which can support you to stand up by pushing forward?

Not only does a lift chair assist to a standing position but it also reclines. Apart from this, nowadays power lift recliners offer many advanced features including cup holders, side pockets, heat producers, massage functions, etc.

A variety of features and capabilities of a lift chair may confuse you to choose the perfect one. Don’t worry. We have our research output of best lift chair for big and tall. In these following segments, we will talk about them. Keep reading.

How Do Lift Chairs Work

Generally, a lift chair is for assisting to stand a sitting person by pushing forward. However, it also does many extra jobs. You can keep it in whatever position you want as you can recline it and spend some relaxing time or take nap.

How Do Lift Chairs Work

Sit To Stand

A lift chair pushes you forward when you want to stand up. This feature is very special for weak people, who are suffering from different types of diseases. They don’t need to do anything except pressing certain buttons.


After your daylong work when you lie on a reclined lift chair, your legs find support to raise, spine finds rest, hands find a good position and back finds a backing. If you spent some time in this position, your blood circulation will improve and your stress will reduce. Ultimately, You’ll get relaxed.


Nowadays, insomnia is a very usual problem. A lift chair can play a role to solve this. In a lift chair, a thick cushion is covered with high-quality leather or fabrics. High-quality leathers or fabrics are soft and comfortable. You can also set it at any position according to your comfort.

When you lie on a lift chair it ensures a comfortable relaxed moment and helps you to fall asleep in a very short time. This is helpful for insomnia patients.

Difference between a Recliner and a Lift Chair

Though the recliner and the lift chair are almost the same, they have some differences. They both can be reclined but the lift chair has the extra feature of lifting. Nowadays, they both come with many advanced features, which make them different from each other.

Difference between a Recliner and a Lift Chair

What is a recliner?

A recliner is a sofa or armchair, which can be reclined by declining the chair’s back and raising the front. It is convenient and comfortable. You can enjoy your free time in it with relaxation.

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is almost like a recliner. It provides all benefits of a recliner, but it also provides support to the user when he or she stands up from the chair. It is suitable for old people or physically disabled people who can’t stand without support.

Why a recliner is for you?

The recliner allows its user different comfortable position. These positions are working as therapeutic benefits of many diseases like poor circulation, arthritis and back pain, etc. If you have these types of issues then you need a recliner for you

Why a lift chair is for you?

If you have difficulty in standing up from the sitting position except for any assistance then a lift chair should be suitable for you.

Can you use a lift chair instead of a recliner?

You can use a lift chair as a recliner. You can adjust a general lift chair up to 150 degrees according to your wish. Though a lift chair is not as flat as a recliner, it can be able enough to fill up the requirement of a recliner.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lift Chair for Big and Tall

Ensuring a perfect lift chair isn’t so easy. You have to know few things first. Without knowing those, you would fail to choose the best lift chair for a heavy person. In this power lift recliners reviews segment, we will talk about those things, which you need to consider before buying a lift chair.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lift Chair for Big and Tall


Your lift chair should be fitted with you. If it is not, you may face some issues like, when it is small, you may feel squish position of you of when it is big, your legs may not touch the ground. So, make sure to buy a chair with the perfect size, weight capacity, and width.

Single Motor Or Double Motor

In a single motor chair, one motor operates both back and foot. On the other hand, in a dual motor chair, two motors are responsible separately for the foot and back. A double motor chair provides many comfortable positions as opposed to a single motor chair.

We recommend a single motor if you want just a few positions and less expense. If you want many positions and can afford high expenses then a double motor chair is for you.

Type Of Material

Two different materials including leathers and fabrics are generally used to make lift chairs. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose according to your need.

A fabrics lift chair is suitable for long-term use. Its breathable feature makes sure sweat-free comfort rest. But it is hard to clean fabrics chair. On the other hand, the leather chair looks very gorgeous and it is easy to clean. But the price range is higher.

Advanced Features

Nowadays, all new lift chair comes with many advanced features including cup holders, side pockets, heat producer, massage functions, etc.

Cup holders and pockets can hold different required materials. They are situated in the perfect place where you can put anything easily. Massaging and heating functions are useful for soothing age-related pains and diseases.

Best Lift Chair for Big and Tall Review

In this segment, we will introduce you to five high-quality lift chairs with a detailed description. Read the following list carefully. It will help you to choose a suitable lift chair for you.

MCombo Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Two USB Charging Ports

MCombo Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Two USB Charging Ports

If you are looking for the most convenient, comfortable, and durable lift chair for big and tall then the MCombo lift chair is for you. It comes with a power lift function. Anyone can use this function with a simple remote controller.

MCombo lift chair provides overstuffed padding, overstuffed armrest, extended backrest, and padded headrest. Its thick cushion is covered with quality fabrics. When you sit on this lift chair, these features ensure a comfortable and relax time.

MCombo extra-wide heavy-duty lift chair has two buttons for three different positions. You just need to press the button according to your desire and the chair does its job very smoothly. You will be happy to know that TUV certified the motor is used in this chair.

This extra-wide heavy-duty lift chair contains two USB charging ports. You can charge your phones, laptops, tabs, and any other of your devices. This unique feature makes this lift chair different from other general chairs.

Features to Be Excited About

TUV certified motor is the most popular feature of the MCombo lift chair. Not only it works smoothly but also it ensures long-lasting capacity. It doesn’t produce any sound during work.

Cons to Consider

It is hard to say any cons of the MCombo lift chair. However, as we consider it as a chair for big and tall persons, it could be wider.

Key Features 

  • Cushion covered with quality fabrics
  • Operate with two buttons
  • Contains two USB charging ports
  • TUV certified motor

MCombo Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Eight Vibrating Nodes

MCombo Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Eight Vibrating Nodes

What are your desirable features for a lift chair? Your answer might be like this, it should have a vibrating function, heating function, USB charging ports, etc. You have to thanks MCombo for their awesome features in this lift chair.

This MCombo lift chair provides dual cup holders. It can hold different types of things like cups, glasses, bottles, etc. It also provides large side pockets. They are in the perfect place in the chair. You can take anything from those pockets by moving just your hands.

You can recline this lift chair up to 140 degrees. You can recline it with a simple button press. As you know this chair is for tall persons, it is suitable for those who have a height range between 5’7″ and 6’2″.

MCombo lift chair has a vibration facility. Eight vibrating nodes are working for vibration. They can cover the whole body. Similar to a high-quality lift chair, the MCombo chair provides one heating part in the lumbar area nine modes, and five intensities.

Features to Be Excited About

MCombo lift chair provides two cup holders and two large side pockets. They are perfectly placed in these recliners for a heavyweight. You can put different things during your resting hours.

Cons to Consider

The maximum reclining angle of this MCombo lift chair is 140 degrees. This angle isn’t as flat as we need to lie.

Key Features 

  • Provides dual cup holders
  • Height range is 5’7″ to 6’2″
  • Provides one heating part
  • Eight vibrating nodes

Flamaker Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Adjustable Vibration Mood

Flamaker Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Adjustable Vibration Mood

Isn’t it interesting, if you can enjoy massage and heat together in a lift chair? Flamaker lift chair has massaging and heating functions, which can work together. Eight vibrating nodes have four working points including the leg, thigh, lumbar, and back. The heating point is on the waist part of this chair.

The thick cushion is covered with PU Leather, which is durable for its two layers including fabric and polyurethane. Apart from this, the Flamaker lift chair provides a sponge padded backrest, overstuffed armrest, raised headrest, etc.

Assembling Flamaker recliners for a heavyweight is as easy as it takes less than ten minutes. Complex furniture needs extra tools to assemble which you don’t need for the Flamaker lift chair. It provides an instruction manual. You have to complete several steps following the manual for assembling the chair.

Features to Be Excited About

Five adjustable vibration moods are in the Flamaker lift chair. You don’t need the same type of body massage at different times. This adjustable vibration mood helps you to ensure your requirements.

Cons to Consider

When you sitting on a Flamaker lift chair. It feels very comfortable. But, after few moments you’ll notice it is not as comfortable as you feel at first.

Key Features 

  • Cushion covered with PU Leather
  • Provides massaging and heating functions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides dual cup holders

Signature Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Duel Motors

Signature Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Duel Motors

For its automation, you may think about safety issues. No worry! A signature lift chair ensures the safety of the user. It moves slowly when it changes the angle. This slow-moving facility helps you to change your position safely. So, it is highly suitable for seniors and people with disabilities.

Don’t get confused with its upholstery. Though it looks like leather, it is made of black poly fiber. Poly fiber is long-lasting and cozy. You can also check our article on lift chairs for sleeping.

A very special thing, what makes it the best lift chair for big and tall is its dual motor. The Signature lift chair comes with two motors, where one is working for the backrest and another is working for the footrest. You can adjust your back and foot separately according to your requirements.

Features to Be Excited About

The dual-motor is the most exciting feature of the Signature lift chair. If you just need to raise the foot, you can do it independently or if you need only to down the back, you can also do it independently.

Cons to Consider

Signature lift chairs have no heating or massaging function. It isn’t completely flat when it is reclined.

Key Features 

  • Made of black poly fiber
  • Contains dual motors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Equally suitable for short and tall person

Irene House Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Powerful OKIN Motor

Irene House Lift Chair for Big and Tall | Powerful OKIN Motor

If you are searching for a lift chair, which has a premium quality cover, then we recommend you Irene house lift chair. The cushion of this lift chair is covered with soft and solid fabric. Solid fabrics ensure an aesthetic look and comfortable feel.

Irene house lift chair can successfully cover both reclining and lifting functions. The lifting function is for those who are disabled to standing from a sitting position. The reclining function is for passing some relaxation time. You can also check our article on recliners for scoliosis.

The foundation of this lift chair is very strong. It contains a durable, silent, and powerful OKIN motor. Strong mechanisms and powerful motors ensure a smooth service. You have to be thankful to Irene for comparatively better service than the local lift chair.

Features to Be Excited About

Irene house lift chair has two side pockets. It placed in a perfect place of the chair. You can put many small things in there and collect them by just moving your hands.

Cons to Consider

It can hold a maximum of 300 pounds. So, sometimes it is not suitable for extra-large people.

Key Features 

  • Can assemble within 10 minutes
  • Covered with premium Quality Cover
  • Strong foundation
  • Supports up to 300 pounds

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which types of additional features do I have to consider before buying a lift chair?

There are many types of features like that, but you have to consider these features including cup holders, pockets, heat producers, massage functions, etc.

2. Is it true that a lift chair needs extra space than a recliner?

No, it is not. Both recliner and lift chair has a reclining function but the lift chair has an extra lifting function. A lift chair doesn’t need any extra space for lifting. So, Both the recliner and lift chair fit with similar space.

3. What is the weight tolerance of a general lift chair?

Generally, the weight tolerance is 350-370 pounds. It can be higher. The highest tolerance is 500 pounds.

4. Is there any safety issue for the lift chair?

No. A lift chair is made for old people. Old people need very secure things in their daily life. Therefore, the lift chair ensures safety.

5. What about the lasting period of a best oversized recliner?

The average lasting period of a lift chair is 10 years. However, the lasting period depends on the user’s utilization and use.

Final Words

We have shared our long-hour research output with you. Now it is your turn to choose the best lift chair for big and tall. If you follow our guide, it will be easy for you to find out suitable lift chair according to your desire.

Stay tune with technology!

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