Best Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes

Whether you have a tailoring business or want to make clothes for you and your family, you need a high-quality sewing machine to make the entire sewing process easy and pleasant.

Do you have already made your first steps in sewing? Are you looking for a sewing machine to start making clothes for yourself and others? Well, the first question that every beginner sewist has is – “what is the best sewing machine for tailoring clothes?”

Nowadays making custom clothing is a trend, and if you want to do it properly, you need a clothes sewing machine with some good features. Even though every sewing machine can do basic stitching and sewing, you have to choose the right one for your need.

In this article, we will help you find the sewing machine of your need from the large selection of sewing machines available on the market.

How To Use Hand Sewing Machine Step By Step

Why do people use a hand sewing machine? The obvious answer is “Portability”. A sewing hand machine is light weighted that you can carry it in your bag and sew anywhere you want. But it is not a replacement for a regular full-size sewing machine.

The use of this handy sewing machine is so simple that you can easily sew some basic operations like sewing buttons, stitching torn pants, or sewing any decorative accessories.

There are some simple steps to operate a hand sewing machine. The step-by-step user guide is below.

Setting Up The Batteries

Unlike the regular sewing machine, the hand sewing machines work on batteries. So the first thing to figure out is the type of batteries used in the machine. Therefore, inserting the batteries in the battery slot is the first step of using the sewing machine.

Bobbin Set-Up

The regular sewing machine uses two threads, one from the needle and one from the bobbin. But in the hand sewing machine, only the bobbin provides the thread. First, pull the bobbin holder and spring beneath it, and slide the bobbin in place.


Now it’s time to feed the thread. For threading, place the bobbin in the clockwise direction to remove the thread from the bobbin. Then pull the thread a bit towards the sewing place. And position the thread in the separate header that provides with the machine.

Sewing The Fabric

The most exciting part of a sewing machine is sewing. After threading, you have to lift the sewing plate and insert the fabric. You have to hold the fabric in your left hand and hold the machine with your right hand. Point the fabric where you want to sew and, after turning on the sewing machine, the fabric will automatically feed into the machine.

Securing The Stich

It is the last step. When the stitches are ready, the thread may tangle itself. So the thread has to be trimmed manually. But the hand sewing machine doesn’t have the reverse sewing process. So you have to lift the fastening plate of the sewing machine, pull the thread and cut it. Then turn the rotary wheel to create a loop at the end of the fabric and secure the threading.

Hand sewing machines are fun to use, and they are very much handy. It is so easy to operate and doesn’t require much maintenance like other sewing machines types. So it is absolutely a great addition to your sewing kit.

Can I Sew Any Clothes With Sewing Machine?

Before the invention of the sewing machine, people used to sew their clothes by hand. However, sewing clothes by hand takes ages so, it is very time-consuming. It is okay if you enjoy it and have the time. But practically, getting hold of a sewing machine is the right step you should take.

If you love to sew and are fond of creating clothing styles, then a sewing machine would be a great item that you can get for yourself. Every sewing machine is capable of basic sewing, stitching, and handling different types of fabrics. But clothes making is not easy without its challenges. So you have to figure out what kind of project you have and which sewing machine you need.

Nowadays, creating custom clothing and different decorative accessories is a trend. So people try to design curtains, pillowcases, and many other items that can bring a personal touch to their space. For that, one needs to consider all the features of a sewing machine.

A sewing machine for shirt making is ideal for sewing any clothes. But it is a little bit complicated device. Don’t worry! You can be a master of it with practice. It is versatile enough to be used by beginners as well as experts.

You can sew all the clothes you want using a sewing machine. Whether it is shirts, pants, dresses, skirts- you can tailor any design and style that you can think of. And that is the true beauty of having a sewing machine in your home.

Things To Consider Before Buying Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes

A sewing machine is something that we won’t buy every month. So if we fail to invest our money in a suitable machine, we could end up being scammed.

So, to make this work effortless for you, we have compiled a list of the best sewing machine for fashion design.

All-metal parts

A good-quality sewing machine will have a metal body covering in a plastic case. Some sewing machines use a plastic chassis and parts which are a bit flimsy. So check all the parts thoroughly before purchasing a sewing machine.

Adjustable speed control

Speed control buttons are essential, especially for beginners. So that you can slow down for the tricky parts while sewing. If you are a beginner, then you have to keep that in mind. Otherwise, you will face trouble while sewing.

Stitch options

You must check if your machine can do the basic stitches like a straight stitch, zig-zag, blind hem, buttonhole, etc. Other stitches will be need based on the specific projects, but these are the basic stitch options you will need.

Multiple needle positions

It is an important feature one should have in their sewing machine. Being able to change the position of the needle can help the stitching. It will make the sewing process more flexible.


Make sure that the sewing machine you want to buy comes with a warranty. Talk to other sewers and find out their experience with the customer service of the company you are considering buying, and make your wisest decision.

So these are some main points you need to consider before buying a sewing machine for tailoring clothes. In the end, you need to choose the machine that is right for your particular needs. So always prefer quality more than added features.

Best Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes Review

Every sewing machine is slightly different, so you have to figure out which features you need for your projects and what you should focus on. Here, we have reviewed the top five sewing machines from different brands for you. Hopefully, you will find this segment helpful.

1. SINGER Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes | High Speed

If you are planning to buy a sewing machine for your tailoring business or project, you have undoubtedly heard the name of the SINGER brand. Because it is a brand that provides all the features in a sewing machine you are looking for.

This SINGER sewing machine has a large variety of stitches for all types of sewing and an array of features that make creating clothes fun and exciting for you. It is an automatic needle threader sewing machine that helps you to easily thread the eye of the needle without eye strain and frustration.

It is a high-speed sewing machine with a metal frame that can sew quickly than the average. Its 60% stronger motor also allows it to sew heavy-weighted fabrics with ease. It also comes with all the heavy-duty optimized accessories.

If you want to experience a free-arm sewing process, you can try the Brother sewing machine for tailoring clothes. It will also give you 37 unique stitches.

Features To Be Excited About

It is a heavy-duty metal frame sewing machine that makes the sewing work easy. You can sew quickly because it has extra-high sewing speed. Also, it can tackle thicker fabrics such as denim, leather, as well as quilts with ease.

Cons To Consider

We have not found any flaws in the SINGER sewing machine. It is doing good to satisfy its users.

Key Features

High-speed sewing

Heavy-duty metal frame

Built-in needle thread

Accessories kit

2. Varmax Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes | Built-In Lamp

Among so many options, if you are looking for a sewing machine for tailoring clothes that will not take much space in your home, then you should go for the Varmax sewing machine.

This mini-size sewing machine is an elaborate machine that is advanced and high-cost in manufacturing. It is specially designed in a mini-size to carry it but, it also has a large extension table for smooth and stable sewing. You can also check our article on the foot massager for flat feet.

It has a particular cuff slot designed for sleeves and trouser legs sewing. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a built-in lamp to provide enough light during sewing. This sewing machine also has a high/low-speed button for selection to keep it safe and powered.

Its double thread stitching makes it easy to finish sewing without knotting. It can be small in size but can apply with the regular hardness of fabric such as denim, soft jeans, and silk.

But if you want your sewing machine with a four-step buttonhole, then the LUBY sewing machine for tailoring clothes will be a good choice for you.

Features To Be Excited About

The most exciting feature of this sewing machine is, it is a space saver machine in mini-size. You can carry it anywhere, and it is also equipped with a built-in lamp, thread cutter, and cuff slot. And it is an ideal sewing machine for beginners.

Cons To Consider

This sewing machine has no reverse option. So it does not backstitch and can not sew buttons. It is only significant for straight stitching.

Key Features

Large extension table

Built-in Lamp

Sewing kit

Multiple choice of power supply

3. Brother Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes | Free-Arm Sewing

When talking about a mobile sewing machine for tailoring clothes, the Brother sewing machine is one of the wisest options you can consider buying. Because it makes everyday sewing a breeze.

This sewing machine has a GX37 feature that gives 37 unique built-in stitches and an auto-size buttonhole. The stitches are print on the machine that you can select the stitches easily by turning the dial. It comes with accessories such as needles, bobbins, instructional DVDs, and more.

This Brother sewing machine also features free-arm sewing capability and is perfect for a range of everyday sewing for every user from beginners to the advanced. It also includes the automatic needle threader and a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine with a metal frame, you can try the SINGER sewing machine for tailoring clothes.

Features To Be Excited About

Brother sewing machine for tailoring clothes has 37 built-in stitches that give you a free-arm sewing experience. The stitches are printed on the machine that you can change the stitch of your choice.

Cons To Consider

We have not found any defects in the Brother sewing machine. It is doing great to satisfy its customers as we expect.

Key Features

37 built-in stitches

Lightweight and full-featured

Free-arm sewing

Automatic needle threader

4. LUBY Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes | Light Weight

If you want the best sewing machine for tailoring clothes, then you can try the brand LUBY. This brand produces sewing machines for small and DIY projects. It is not a professional sewing machine used for daily small sewing projects.

This sewing machine gives 12 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole. The stitches are printed on the machine, so you can gently turn the knob to select the stitch you like. It is also equipped with a high/low-speed button and a LED light.

It is a lightweight sewing machine and easy to carry. You can sew with it anywhere, anytime. And compared with the traditional sewing machine, it does not occupy much space.

If you want a sewing machine with adjustable stitch length and width, you can go for the DONYER POWER sewing machine for tailoring clothes.

Features To Be Excited About

This small and portable sewing machine gives a free-arm sewing experience and can sew any fabric easily. It has a reverse sewing option and is perfect for daily sewing projects.

Cons To Consider

Most of the time, the sewing machine can not hold the needle and is difficult to thread. So the thread may break or cause a big tangle.

Key Features

12 built-in stitches

Free-arm sewing

LED light

Lightweight and portable

5. DONYER POWER Sewing Machine For Tailoring Clothes | Portable

DONYER POWER is another famous brand you can consider buying if you want an electric sewing machine suitable for beginners. This sewing machine with 12 built-in preset stitches simplifies the learning curve for beginners. It allows the sewers to complete more complex projects.

These 12 stitches are printed on the machine to choose the stitch pattern you like and sew. This machine has a hand switch or foot pedal suitable for sewing. You can also choose the stitching speed. Overall, it is a perfect sewing machine for craftspeople, small projects, and DIY projects.

This sewing machine for tailoring clothes comes with a built-in needle threader and adjustable stitch length and width. It will give you a free-arm sewing experience and onboard accessory storage.

But if you wish to have a sewing machine with a large extension table for smooth and stable sewing, then you can try out the Varmax sewing machine for tailoring clothes.

Features To Be Excited About

This electric sewing machine simplifies the sewing process for beginners. It is a perfect machine for small projects and DIY projects to do them quickly. And its adjustable stitch length and width make it more effective for tailoring clothes.

Cons To Consider

It isn’t easy to thread the machine. Sometimes the needles break, and the thread knotted up and jammed the fabric. Also, keep skipping stitches at some places.

Key Features

Portable and lightweight

12 built-in stitches

Built-in needle threader

LED light and cutting knife

Frequently Asked Question And Answer (FAQ)

1. Can I make clothes with any sewing machine?

Yes, you can make your customize clothes with any sewing machine. Though you can also sew with your hand, it will take ages. So choosing a sewing machine is the better option.

2. How do I choose a sewing machine?

When choosing a suitable sewing machine, always consider the main features, including needle threader, foot pedal, speed, reverse function, machine accessories, etc. After that, you should invest your money.

3. Can I use a mini sewing machine to make clothes?

You can use a mini sewing machine to do small projects of clothing and crafts. You can also use it on basic operations like sewing buttons, stitching torn pants, and decorative accessories.

4. Can all sewing machines do embroidery?

Embroidery can be done on any sewing machine that has zig-zag stitch functions. We have mentioned some of the best embroidery machine for clothing available in the market. You can try them.

5. Are electric sewing machines good?

Electric sewing machines are good, but they are comparatively a little costlier. But they offer excellent designing options to do creative design on your dresses. So, buying an electric sewing machine will be good for you.

Final Word

If this is your first time buying a sewing machine, we hope this article gives you all the clarity you need to choose the best sewing machine for tailoring clothes. Just ensure that you look through the features, check the functions, and keep a check on the reviews.

For more queries, contact us in the comments.

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