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If we cannot regulate the heat produced by the turbocharger, then that excessive heat will damage the nearby components, eventually decreasing the car’s longevity.

A turbocharger can produce nearly 760 degrees Fahrenheit, varying in different turbochargers. And if we do not take any precautions to minimize this heat, the surrounding parts will be severely damaged.

To save ourselves from this massive damage, we should use the best turbo blanket.

Turbo blankets are made to take care of this excessive heat and keep the engine air cool. PTP turbo blanket helps to regulate the heat produced by the turbocharger.

Also, a turbo blanket ensures that the heat doesn’t spread out, which ultimately helps protect the other components from being damaged.

Product ImageProduct NameOur RatingsPrice
LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | Thermal Heat With Shield | TurbochargerLEDAUT Turbo Blanket | Thermal Heat With Shield | TurbochargerCheck Price
Design Engineering Turbo Blanket | 19Design Engineering Turbo Blanket | 19" x 2.5" | TitaniumCheck Price
LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | ‎10.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 inch | Stainless TiesLEDAUT Turbo Blanket | ‎10.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 inch | Stainless TiesCheck Price
Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | Gold Turbo BlanketPrecision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | Gold Turbo BlanketCheck Price
Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | 9.5 x 5.5 x 2 inchesPrecision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | 9.5 x 5.5 x 2 inchesCheck Price

Turbo Blanket VS Heat Shield

Turbo Blanket VS Heat Shield

Both the turbo blanket and heat shield possess the purpose of regulating the heat and protecting the turbocharger and, eventually, the engine.

Though they are destined to do the same work, there’s a slight difference that we must know.

When it comes to stopping the heat from spreading, a turbo blanket works comparatively better than the heat shield. Turbo blankets help reduce 70% of the heat, which is excellent.

Whereas a heat shield can’t retain excessive heat, it might stop performing under extreme heat after some time.

Also, a turbo blanket tends to be more long-lasting than a heat shield if you use it with proper care and caution.

Turbo Blanket VS Ceramic Coating

Turbo Blanket VS Ceramic Coating

Turbo blanket and ceramic coating both are good in their way. Judging them on a similar ground would be unfair.

From the perspective of durability, we will choose ceramic coating over turbo blanket as the protection for the engine.

But if we talk about overall performance and reducing temperature, turbo blanket will be on our top list without any doubt.

Also, from many tests, it has been proved that turbo blankets can offer better performance at controlling heat except for housing matters.

Housing ceramic coating is more appropriate as it will not be damaged by fluids that are needed for housing. Check our article on the spark plugs for LS1.

Turbo Blanket Pros and Cons

Turbo Blanket Pros and Cons

A universal turbo blanket is considered the most incredible savior for the people who are constantly worrying about the cars’ engine.

Some of the pros of turbo blankets are

  • The other property surrounding the engine will be safe from any destruction if you use a turbo blanket.
  • A Turbo heat blanket will help keep the higher temperature at a moderate level.
  • Turbo blanket will work as a safeguard for the turbocharger.
  • It helps to enhance the performance of the engine.
  • Can deal with extreme temperature.

There is not any single thing that exists without having any downside. So, the cons of turbo blankets are:

  • It doesn’t soak the entire heat.
  • It may not fully wrap the header, which can be a problem.
  • If it is near any flammable components, then it can be dangerous.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Turbo Blanket

Best Turbo Blanket

Among the thousand types of v-band turbo blankets available in the market, it is hard to find the desired and perfect turbo blanket. But complicated doesn’t mean it is impossible.

If you check some facts and details carefully, you can easily have the best t4 turbo blanket. And that’s why we have come up with some essential points that you need to go through to have your desired turbo blanket.


Capacity means whether the turbo blanket is appropriate for your car engine or not. Suppose the capacity of the turbo blanket is designed to hold and protect a small portion of your car engine. Still, your car engine needs a full capacity-based turbo blanket, and then you will face inconveniences.

So, it is better and wise to check the capacity of the turbo blanket before buying it from the market.


It is essential that the turbo blanket provides enough space for the engine compartments and to endure the additional pressure and volume. If there are not enough spaces for these, then there’s a chance that your engine might give poor performance.


No matter what you are buying, you should always buy the products which provide top-notch quality performance.

Before buying a turbo blanket, checking the quality is a must and the manufacturing process. The ability to handle the extra pressure depends mainly on the quality. So, make sure to check this.


It is an essential thing to check while buying a turbo blanket.

Wastegate helps to have the maximum boost and assists in exhausting the flow. And this ultimately helps to keep the engine safe. So, first, you have to check whether your turbo blanket has a wastegate doesn’t matter if it’s external or internal, and then buy your desired turbo blanket.

Top 5 Best Turbo Blanket Review

Here, we will be describing five turbo blankets for you to help you decide which one to buy or have a rough idea about which one matches your preference.

1. LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | Thermal Heat With Shield | Turbocharger

LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | Thermal Heat With Shield | Turbocharger
When we decide to buy a turbo blanket, the first thing that comes in our mind is that whether it will fit our turbocharger perfectly or not.

If you buy this turbo blanket, you will not have to worry about that because this turbo blanket has been made specially to fit your T3 turbine turbocharger.

Also, Ledaut’s this turbo blanket will withstand any heat below 2000¡ãF. So, the essential parts and components of your car engine will be protected for a longer time.

Silica Fiber has been used while making this turbo blanket, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. We found it very good while using it.

Features To Be Excited About

The best part about this turbo blanket is that you will find pulverized rock both the inside and outside layer, and these rocks are considered great material.

Cons To Consider

It cannot absorb any heat above 2000 Fahrenheit.

Key Features

  • Helps to increase the horsepower of the engine.
  • High-quality material.
  • Provides excellent performance.
  • Doesn’t cause any issue.

2. Design Engineering Turbo Blanket | 19″ x 2.5″ | Titanium

Design Engineering Turbo Blanket | 19
Starting with the best thing about this turbo blanket, you can change the fit of the turbo blanket according to your wish, unlike other turbo blankets.

Design Engineering has always been known for coming up with outstanding features. So, we expected a lot while buying this universal turbo blanket. And it didn’t disappoint us at all.

We were pretty impressed with the incorporated anchoring hooks feature, which helps to provide a secure fit.

On top of that, there will be less turbo lag than other turbo blankets, which makes it better than the turbo blanket from BLACKHORSE-RACING.

Features To Be Excited About

This turbo blanket has been made with LR technology which helps to make sure that the turbo blanket lasts longer.

Cons To Consider

It is pretty thin, so if you don’t use this carefully, then it might crack.

Key Features

  • Reduces turbo lag.
  • Provides superior heat barrier.
  • Works without any leak.
  • It is not flammable.

3. LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | ‎10.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 inch | Stainless Ties

LEDAUT Turbo Blanket | ‎10.2 x 9.8 x 2.9 inch | Stainless Ties
If you are looking for a turbo blanket that is great in terms of durability, then the LEADUT turbo blanket is the one for you.

This turbo blanket can literally resist any heat up to 2500 degrees, which is excellent. So, not only will the engine of your car be protected from being exposed to excessive heat, but the other components will also be protected.

The design of this turbo blanket is fascinating; the well-painted surface makes it look very stylish. Along with that, its rich material can withstand any breakdown. Check our article on long tube headers for c4 corvette.

And because of all these, we will prefer using this turbo blanket over the one from ‎Mishimoto.

Features To Be Excited About

This turbo blanket can cut down almost 80% of the heat ejected from the turbocharger, which ultimately helps the engine to work faster.

Cons To Consider

You may find it a little harder to install.

Key Features

  • Amazing design
  • Excellent durability
  • Fits well
  • Rich components

4. Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | Gold Turbo Blanket

Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | Gold Turbo Blanket
A turbo blanket with SILCAWOOL sounds very interesting, right? This turbo blanket is one of a kind.

We all know how helpful SILCAWOOL can be when downgrading the high temperature. So, you have nothing to worry about the temperature resistance of this turbo blanket.

We loved using this turbo blanket because it provides everything that we expected, and that’s why it is the best turbo blanket among all the others.

The best part of this turbo blanket is its more comprehensive application. You can use this with any car, and still, it will give you that top-notch performance.

Features To Be Excited About

This turbo blanket provides excellent interior and exterior surface heat tolerance.

Cons To Consider

A bit expensive than the others.

Key Features

  • High temperature tolerant
  • Excellent performance
  • Wider application
  • Very compatible

5. Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | 9.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches

Precision Turbo & Engine Turbo Blanket | 9.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches
If you are looking for a turbo blanket specifically for your SUBARU WRX / STI 02-15, then this is the perfect one for you.

The fascinating part is that you can use this turbo blanket in any condition, even in the harshest condition. Still, it’ll have that spark to perform well in every situation.

And as it has a tight mesh weave on the interior, it will last longer, which is excellent because you don’t have to buy any extra turbo blanket any time soon.

And it also comes with an internal wastegate which means you can use this with any turbocharger available in the market.

Earlier, we have tried the turbo blanket from Gator Parts, which was not up to the mark given the price. But this turbo blanket is reasonable and great at performance as well.

Features To Be Excited About

  • Can be used in any condition
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features thermal resistance.
  • Impressive interior surface.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. Will there be any melting stitching issue?

Ans. There shouldn’t be any melting stitching issue.

But if you face any such issue, you should immediately contact the customer care service or the other designated authority of the manufacturing company.

Q. Will it come with the other springs?

Ans. Yes.

You will get the springs needed to secure the turbo blanket around with the product. You don’t need to spend any money to buy any spring.

Q. How to install the turbo blanket?

Ans. Very easy.

First, you have to hook the spring around and secure it tightly around the turbo blanket. That’s the essential and initial step for installing. You’ll find a booklet with the product. The rest of the steps will be written there.

Q. Do I need to buy any supercharger?

Ans. No, you don’t need to do that.

Turbo blanket and turbocharger are both designed to do the work of superchargers. So, buying a supercharger would be a waste of money.

Q. How would I choose the perfect turbo blanket?

Ans. Super easy.

We have given a list of what you should check before buying a turbo blanket. Follow that before purchasing a turbo blanket, and then you can own the best t6 turbo blanket.

Final Words

A Turbo blanket is essential to protect the engine and the turbocharger from excessive heat. Also, the turbo blanket will help increase the longevity of the engine and allow it to work faster.

If you want to have the best turbo blanket, check the list given above.

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