Best Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage

Let us be honest; getting your body in shape is not a piece of cake! And, talking about cakes, who can resist that delicious taste and yet stay fit? But we got good news, keep eating that cake and get your dream body with the best vibration machine for lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic vibration therapy helps your body drain lymph fluids quickly within your body, essentially removes the toxins and body waste from your body tissues. It immediately improves your digestive system and reduces body swelling.

In this article, you can find more about lymphedema and vibration machines that can benefit you and your body in various ways.

Do Vibration Machines Help Lymphatic System

As you already know, lymphatic drainage helps you to remove lymph fluids from your body. But what benefits does your body has because of it? Before you start using a vibration machine for lymphatic drainage, you must understand how our lymphatic system works.

We will break it down for you to get a clearer picture of what you are doing for your body by using a vibration machine.

Firstly, to straight-up answering your question – do vibration machines help the lymphatic system? Absolutely! It is one of the most significant investments you can make for your body. But the question remains, how does it help you? Let us see!

What is the lymphatic system? It is a part of our immune system. It protects the body from illness and maintains body fluids. It also absorbs digestive tract fat and removes bodily wastes. The lymphatic system must remain healthy.

To ensure the well-being of our lymphatic system, a vibration machine for lymphatic drainage can play a massive role. Here is how.

By its rhythmic vibration, it improves blood circulation in the body

The flow of lymphatic fluids increases

With its soothing pulsation, you will find your body in a calmer state

It helps the muscles to tone and gain strength

Increases body flexibility and bone density

Its vibrating also plays a significant role in fat burning

Vibration Machine Benefits Weight Loss

Even though it is true that there is no substitution for eating right and an excellent old exercise to lose weight, however adding a vibration machine for lymphatic drainage can push you further for a better and quicker result.

The jury is still out on how effective vibration machines or shaking platforms are on weight loss. However, it is pretty clear that it offers many beneficial effects on your body, including fat burning.

After using a vibration machine for a while, we have concluded that there are a few ways you can use this device to gain a better outcome. Here is a brief about that for you.

When starting a weight loss journey, it is always wise to follow the “slow and steady” approach to be successful, so investing in a vibrating machine for your home or office would be a good idea.

The vibrating platform works on your body by reflexively contracting the muscles of your body.

To maintain the balance of motion from the vibration, it is essential that the muscles of your body contract. The contracting requires energy from your body, which helps you to burn calories and fat.

The calories your body burns depends on the frequency, speed, and strength of the vibrations.

The device can provide up to 30 to 50 vibrations per second. That force is strong enough to make a difference in our bodies.

By combining regular workouts with the vibration machine, you will provide many benefits to your body which you will appreciate in the future.

Things To Consider Before Buying Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage

A vibration machine for lymphatic drainage is one of the most amazing devices to add to your daily routine. It is beneficial for your body and your mind too. By using it 2-3 times a week, you will see an immediate improvement in your well-being.

But before you start exploring the five best lymphatic drainage machine mentioned in the article, it would be a good idea to go through the list of which of the things you must consider before buying one.

Vibration Pattern: The most important thing to keep in mind is to understand the types of vibrations. Different vibration modes have other purposes. Make sure you buy one that aligns with your goal.

Usability Time: Most of these devices have a 10-15 minutes time limit for safety reasons. But some prefer to use the machine for a longer time. So, if you want that make sure to choose one with a longer time limit.

Comfortability: Comfort is vital for any vibration machine. As you will be using it at least 2-3 times a week, it would be wise to select something comfortable. Otherwise, it might leave a negative effect on you.

Size And Weight: Most of the vibrating machines for lymphatic drainage tend to come in a large size, and with that – a heavyweight. So, it is better to keep it in a fixed spot. But if you intend to move it around, buy a compact-sized device.

User-Friendly: Last but not least, you should choose a machine that you can efficiently operate. Since it is supposed to be a soothing experience, a complicated mechanism might just interrupt that.

This concludes all the things you should keep on your “checklist” according to your preference. Now it is time for shopping! What are you waiting for? Buy that machine and watch your body transform!

Best Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage Reviews

Ready to make that purchase? Pretty sure you already got everything you need to know to make a choice. To make your shopping more accessible, we have listed five vibration machine for lymphatic drainage that we think is a great choice!

LP Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage | Multiple Speed

Many of us do not have time or scope to run to the gym to work on our dream bodies. However, there is an easier way – just get this machine home!

This vibration therapy device not only improves your muscle-building capacity but increases body flexibility as well. Its whole body vibration system can stimulate body muscles to contract more and raise fat-burning ability in your physique.

The EILISON Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage is a fantastic device for weight loss. But this one is also great to add to your workout, as it helps burn fat quicker by boosting your metabolism and increasing circulation.

Features To Be Excited About

Its multi-speed quality provides you with a choice and adjustability according to your body type. A wide range of speed settings starts from 1 to 99. Choose your speed, and change anytime!

Cons To Consider

The vibration can cause motion sickness for some people. But you can constantly adjust the speed to avoid that.

Key Features 

Fat-burning ability

Increases metabolism

At-home gym

Improves blood circulation

User friendly

LifePro Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage | Soundless

Our body needs relief and rehabilitation from time to time, especially after our day-long stressful workloads. Having a vibration therapy device can amp up our body system and enhances our chance to heal correctly.

This vertical vibration machine for lymphatic drainage by LifePro allows the muscles of our body to wake up through the whole-body vibration feature, which also triggers the myofascial release. In addition, it repairs old injuries and relieves chronic pain.

Between this LifePro Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage and the one stated above, this one has more upgraded features. Such as – this device has not only multiple speeds but also various vibration modes that you can choose according to your needs.

Features To Be Excited About

One of the most remarkable things about this vibration machine for lymphatic drainage is that it is blissfully silent! It would be the perfect choice for those who prefer a quieter environment for a home workout.

Cons To Consider

It has a 10-minute limit for safety purposes. Some might prefer a more extended time limit, but you can rest in between and start again after a while.

Key Features 

Relives pain

Increases bone density


Multiple modes

Efficient and gentle

LP Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage | Pain Relief

Whether you are suffering from a backache, knee pain, or have sore joints – stepping on this vibration machine for lymphatic drainage can give you instant relief from that pain. It stimulates nerves to help get rid of built-up tension.

If you are looking for a lymphatic drainage machine for legs, this device will help you ease any pain by soothing the joints, increasing bone density, and toning the muscles of your legs. Besides that, it benefits other parts of your body as well.

Among the three LifePro Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage, all have the Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) feature – which helps the body heal quicker and recovers from acute injuries. You can also check our review on the ultrasonic caviation machine for home use.

Features To Be Excited About

Because of the 3D pulsation motion of this vibration machine for lymphatic drainage, it shows a more immediate result when it comes to pain relief. That also helps to regain strength and flexibility.

Cons To Consider

The machine tends to make a gentle rattling sound. Apart from that, it has many great features and works very well for the body.

Key Features

Immediate pain relief

3D pulsating motion

Whole-body vibration

Increases strength and flexibility

Decreases built-up tension

EILISON Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage | Weight Loss

A vibration machine for lymphatic drainage has many benefits, including losing weight. Many people rely on a vibration plate for lymphedema to lose weight to speed up the process.

From what we have experienced, EILISON Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage is the best vibration machine for lymphatic drainage for weight loss. Because of its unique acupressure platform, it has a strong effect on your body.

This device focuses more on the weight loss goal rather than therapeutic comfort. On the other hand, the SpecsPro Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage works more on your overall relaxation with its adjustable frequency.

Features To Be Excited About

The additional features like Bluetooth speakers, touch panel, and exceptional fitness tracker make it stand out the most. It also has a noiseless motor with a speed limit of 1 – 120 strong vibrations.

Cons To Consider

The machine weighs a bit much. So, it would be better to fix a spot for it, rather than moving it around the house.

Key Features

Unique acupressure platform

Helps with weight loss

Relieves pain

Improves muscle strength

Induces healing response

SpecsPro Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage | Compact

Suppose you are searching for something different from the regular commercial quality linear vibration machine for lymphatic drainage. In that case, this device might be more appropriate for you since it motivates your therapeutic well-being with other benefits.

It has a frequency level range between 10Hz to 50Hz, matching our natural frequency of soft tissues. This vibration device imitates that level with a changeable frequency system. And that helps our body to get calmer. You can also check our review on cotton candy machines.

The device is very sturdy, yet it has a lighter built. Unlike the EILISON Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage, it is very convenient to move it around the house. It is suitable for office spaces as well, as it has a compact design.

Features To Be Excited About

The machine has many features, including an adjustable frequency between 15-40Hz. That is quite rare to find because most of the consumer-grade vibration devices have only below 14Hz – which does not match our soft tissue frequency.

Cons To Consider

Some people experience dizziness and nausea with this device. So, you should start at the lowest intensity level.

Key Features

Adjustable frequency

Compact size


Therapeutic benefits

Improves blood circulation

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can vibrating machines speed the lymphatic drainage?

Yes. When you use a vibrating machine, the pulsation helps the lymph fluids flow better, overall making a better circulation.

Are there any side effects of vibrating machines?

There can be some adverse effects on your body if the instructions of the device are not appropriately followed. To avoid that, try to start with a low-intensity mode.

Can the device be used every day?

It is suggested to use it only once a day. But make sure you use a maximum of 4-5 times a week, and no more. It applies for about 2-4 weeks, depending on your condition.

Which would be the best oscillating vibration machine for weight loss?

There are various types of vibration machines. Some machines are primarily dedicated to weight loss. One of them is stated in the article – the EILISON Vibration Machine for Lymphatic Drainage.

Is it painful to use the vibration machine for lymphatic drainage?

Not at all! It is entirely painless to use this machine for a lymphatic massage.

Final Words

By now, you know which would be the best vibration machine for lymphatic drainage for your body type. Even though it has a few side effects, but that is not anything you can steer clear of by being a bit careful. Its benefits certainly cannot be denied!

Now that you have carefully considered all the possibilities of getting a vibration machine for yourself, it is time to add that item to your cart. Happy shopping!