best zero gravity recliner for back pain

Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain

A zero gravity recliner keeps your body in an unbiased position. Which helps the body weight to circulate equally all over the body. In this article, you will find the best zero gravity recliner for back pain which can be the one thing still missing from your home.

The zero gravity recliner was created by engineers at NASA. Although the anti gravity recliner indoor was primarily used by astronauts in space, it might surprise you to see that it is the perfect item for you if you are suffering from back pain.

Now you must be wondering how to choose one for yourself! Worry not, we have got you covered. Here we will narrow down the details and help you decide the one that is perfect for you!

Zero Gravity Chair Vs Recliner

Are you thinking about which one to choose from, a zero gravity chair or a recliner? Perhaps you are even confused if there is a difference or not. Well, yes there is!

First of all, let us know what makes a “zero gravity” different from a regular reclining chair. A regular recliner might have a lot of amenities, but the zero gravity chair provides a superior orientation.

Zero Gravity Chair Vs Recliner

Anti gravity recliner is possibly the healthiest way to sit in your leisure time. In case of a bad back or a swelled leg, this chair might be the perfect solution for you.

Now let us see below what makes a zero gravity chair’s features vary from a zero gravity recliner.

A fixated zero gravity chair is one that only allows you to be in one elevated spot at all times. While a zero gravity recliner can be moved to various positions according to your comfort which also includes the zero gravity position.

The zero gravity chairs have bungee cables that are most likely to last a longer time than a recliner, as it is more stretched more often.

While a zero gravity position has its advantages, a recliner has even more beneficial aspects for health.

A zero gravity recliner supposedly has a larger seat rather than a zero gravity chair.

A zero gravity recliner gives a more luxurious appearance to the house as opposed to a zero gravity chair.

It can be perceived that both of these are a good choice for your health and your house. Nevertheless, a zero gravity recliner has the upper hand here.

How Do Zero Gravity Recliners Help With Back Pain?

When you are in a zero gravity position, the gravitational force does not work on your body. You remain in a position that is completely suspended. How that happens is, the recliner distributes your bodyweight equally all over the body.

In this body orientation, the legs rest above the heart level. This mechanism supports the body to have better blood circulation and helps the body to heal if used properly. It also helps to reduce stress and disquiet.

Zero Gravity Recliner for Back Pain

When the body rests in the zero gravity position, it slowly but surely relieves the body from our regular effect of gravitational force. The prime target of this recliner is to decrease pressure on the spine.

The zero gravity recliner aids the spinal stress, by removing the effects of gravity from our body. Although it is not a treatment for backache, it helps tremendously to relieve the discomfort by rehydrating the back discs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Zero Gravity Recliner For Back

Whether you have already made the decision which one to buy or you are still looking for the best choice zero gravity chair, there are things you must consider before making the purchase; and we are going to do you a favor on that.

things to consider before buying zero gravity recliner

Here is a list of things you might want to keep in mind before you buy a zero gravity recliner.


While investing in any household item, we must consider its durability. As it is purchased for long-term use, it can collapse within a few uses if the structure is not well built. It is the first and foremost quality to keep in mind.

Material Quality

The quality of the fabric or the padding is as essential as the structure. In most cases, even after the frame is as strong as it is expected, the fabric starts pilling way too soon.

A standard-grade fabric will not create this problem. Besides, it makes the chair look polished and attractive.

Locking System

A recliner is as good as long the locking mechanism works the right way. The chair reclines in multiple positions, and the locking mechanism supports the position to keep in place.

If the locking system were to fail, any accident could happen and injure whoever is using the chair.

Attached Accessories

Some may consider buying a zero gravity recliner just for the chair itself, but there are few other amenities added to a few of the recliners – such as a detachable side tray, cup holder, removable or sliding pillow, and a few others.

Best Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain Reviews

Below are given descriptions of some of the most prominent zero gravity recliners that might help you with your back pain. Or perhaps you are just looking for an ideal recliner to use in your leisure time to help your mind and body to be at ease.

Caravan Global Zero Gravity Recliner | Budget-Friendly

Caravan Global Zero Gravity Recliner | Budget-Friendly

Have you ever thought of getting a zero gravity chair that helps you relax but affordable as well? Well, look no more. Caravan Global’s zero gravity chair has a textile that is durable and also comfortable.

The highlighting aspect about this anti gravity recliner indoor is that it can be used outside of the house too. Since it has a fabric that is long-lasting and appropriate for outdoors. You can check our review on the massage recliner for tall man.

You can lock it in any reclining position that might suit your body posture. Including an adjustable headrest that gives you the perfect balance to support your body to relax. Which assists with your back pain whether it’s in your upper or lower back.

The firm double bungee suspenders assist in carrying up to 300lbs. Its modern style gives it a classy look that everyone looks for in any chair! Of all the chairs we have tried, this one instantly helped the body to relax.

Features To Be Excited About

Given its price point, you cannot find a better chair that is easy to carry and sturdy. We most certainly were thrilled to use this chair that is so comfy and stylish.

Cons To Consider

The lock of the armrest can disassemble if it loses its balance.

Key Features

Well built

Contains adjustable system

Super comfortable to use


Sophisticated style

Hengfeng Ever Advanced Zero Gravity Recliner | Portable

Hengfeng Ever Advanced Zero Gravity Recliner | Portable

As far as we have seen, this was one of the most comfortable chairs we have ever used till now. From the brand Ever Advance, this zero gravity recliner has padded support to deliver the finest quality of the chair.

You cannot expect this kind of luxury from chairs like these. You could easily sleep comfortably in this. It has weight support of up to 350lbs and an ergonomic design that fully reclines. In addition, suitable for tall people up to 6’2”.

It has a compact structure for easier transfer. The recliner has an effortless folding mechanism. So, it can be used outdoors – such as to the beach, courtyard, poolside.

The Hengfeng oversize zero gravity recliner is a bit sturdier than the Caravan Global’s zero gravity chair, as it is made with aluminum. Furthermore, it has a lock system that allows it to recline in any position.

Features To Be Excited About

This chair is so flexible that you can adjust it to any position that you want from 0 to 170 degrees. It has a removable pillow that can be used as a headrest or as lumbar support. It also comes with a fold-out tray with a cup holder!

Cons To Consider

Even though it is a bit on the higher side of the price point, but rest assured – you will not be disappointed.

Key Features

Portable and ultra-comfortable


Thick padded support

Includes removable pillow

Attached tray with a cup holder

Lafuma Zero Gravity Recliner For Pain | Luxurious

Lafuma Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain | Luxurious

This chair is the perfect example for – luxury meets comfort! If you are looking for a chair that will make your house look sophisticated, this is the one for you. You will surely appreciate the supreme comfort that comes with it.

The Lafuma zero gravity recliner is a brilliantly engineered device – attractive, sturdy, and an ergonomic joy! It reclines to several orientations, including the zero gravity position.

While lying in the fully reclined position, you will feel like you are weightless. It has fabulous neck support. Finest fabric material – Batyline, with breathable air comfort seat pads.

Assembled with a steel frame to make sure it has the strongest support. Padded for your utmost relief. It has been a life-saver for people with back pain. This recliner’s quality may be the yardstick we will measure for all future chairs we use.

Features To Be Excited About

It gives instant relief to backache. As soon as you wind down in it, you will feel like taking a nap!

Cons To Consider

The only downside is the fabric tends to wear out after a time of use.

Key Features

Perfect for back pain relief

Strong structure

Luxurious quality

Attractive design

Padded support

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Recliner | Lightweight

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain | Lightweight

When you are on the go and need the right chair to carry around the poolside, beach, patio, or any other place – you are going to need this chair! It has a foldable system and a weatherproof fabric as the material.

The best choice products gravity recliner has a detachable accessory tray with two cup holders; you could conveniently keep your things at hand. Such as your phone, tablet, wallet, and the rest.

It is an extensive 24-inch seat with extra padding, with a capacity of 300lbs. Furthermore, It has thick padded support to ensure your highest comfort. Though, it might not be the best zero gravity recliner for back pain.

But what more could we ask for on a chair? You could lounge in it for hours and your back will thank you for it. However, it is less likely to be better for backache than the Lafuma zero gravity recliner.

Features To Be Excited About

This recliner delivered more than expected. Considering the price point, it is very attractive. Easy to carry, easy to fold. No assembly is required at all.

Cons To Consider

It is less sturdy than hoped for. But as long as it is used with care, there is no need to worry.

Key Features

Lightweight structure

Extra-wide seat

Thick padded support

Includes a detachable tray with cup holders

Suitable for outdoors

GOLDSUN Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain | Oversized

GOLDSUN Zero Gravity Recliner For Back Pain | Oversized

Some of us want a compact-sized chair, but some of us want to treat ourselves with the much-needed comfort space. GOLDSUN’s zero gravity recliner is all about that!

The back of the recliner is suspended by double bungee suspensions that allow the chair to carry up to 350lbs. Moreover, it provides more comfort and adds durability quality to the chair.

The seat is 29.5-inches wide with an adjustable armrest. Its novel reclining design makes it one of a kind. It has breathable mesh fabric with a fully padded support seat and back with a detachable headrest pillow!

The cushion can be used as lumbar support as well. Also, it has an attached side tray for your essentials – and you can put your drinking cups in the cup holder!

If you are the kind of person who appreciates a bit more space to help yourself relax and have some restful time, this extra-wide chair would be ideal for you. Even if you are not, we can surely say that you are going to enjoy this chair.

Features To Be Excited About

The strongest constructed frame with an extra-wide seat to achieve the highest comfort anyone can ask for. Its multiple reclining positions help to align your body at your comfort level.

Cons To Consider

The chair is a bit heavier to carry around. So, it might be tricky to transfer from one place to another.

Key Features

Oversized seat with high comfort

Has a novel design

Well-made structure

Multiple adjustable positions

Easy to fold

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is a zero gravity chair good for back pain?

The zero gravity position allows the spine to be in an alignment that puts less strain on the spinal muscles and helps reduce back pain.

Does zero gravity chair recline so that the feet can be elevated?

Yes. It is a well-comforted position when the recliner supports to laying down position with feet being elevated.

What are the benefits of a zero gravity chair?

It has many benefits, including reducing back pain, improvement of posture, improvement of blood circulation, and many more.

Which is the best padded zero gravity chair?

There are a few recliners that possess quality padding in the seat with ultimate comfort to help with back pain. Some of these are specified in the article.

Are zero gravity chairs good for the beach?

Some of the chairs have weather-resistant materials that are more suitable for outdoor; such as the beach.

Final Words

As we all at some point look for a good way to wind down or maybe just looking for a suitable device to reduce back pain, the best zero gravity recliner for back pain might be the perfect solution for that. Not only that, but it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress; increases better blood circulation. It is without a question the perfect investment for any household.

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