When I was small my father used to tell me to spend quality time. I was a bit lazy and will think about why we are getting so many conditions and why not live a life our friends are doing. His Principles

Happy little boy standing on rock over bright sunset
  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Finish morning responsibilities
  • Do some Prayers
  • Few Exercise
  • Brush up yesterday teaching
  • Eat timely
  • Walk to school
  • Play in the Evening
  • Read  General Books
  • Sleep before 8 pm

These principles are beyond our reach in these days. Even though the conditions were a bit hard to take it, we were made to do it.  Learned a lot of these disciples. Respect Elders and behave accordingly.

During vacation time few books were given to be completed. It is of the general topic. We need to go through and explain the understanding and write the Moral of the story. In this way, we were given more topic to discuss and write on our own.

Vacation time goes around to our Native. The train is the more of commuting. Spend quality time with our Cousin brothers and Sisters. There will be an Annual Temple festive. We can see the entire gathering and go through various Dance and Dramas. Eat nicely, dress up well and enjoy the day.

As we were very close to the Beach, we would go in the evening and spend the Evenings. We would pack our Night Dinner and we all would spend the day playing with our brother, father, and mother. And finish our Dinner in the Moonlight. It is a delight we think of it now. Do all of us spend quality time with our Parents and children.

In the current scenario, we all spend more time in mobiles, Computers and talking and have no time to spend on our selves. The earlier brought up was simple. Simple vegetarian food, very limited clothes to wear and live in a Simple house. All the work at home were taken by the father and mother and no concept of Servant. Always it was joined family bonding that helps each other to understand better. These days the concept is changed and Nuclear family where it is only father, mother and children. No one to tell good or bad for the children.

Now it’s not too late. Educate children to learn values even a normal school can do this. Not necessarily they have put on highly paid schools. Parents educate their children will take them a long way. The motto of a Life is to Live simple, Eat less, Help others, Travel more and respect the people around. Click to read more.